A Quick Guide On Ritter Internet Plans (For Beginners)

Ritter Internet Plans
Ritter Internet Plans

Ritter is offering an array of internet, TV, and cable services in Lakeland, Munford, Millington, Rosemark, Drummonds, Brighton, Atoka, and Arlington.

It’s a reliable choice for people who don’t have mainstream companies available. Since the internet is the most important amenity for the users, the company is offering faster internet speeds, which are up to 1Gigabit.

In addition, they have 99% uptime, promising zero drops. The best thing about Ritter internet is that it’s secure and comes with wireless protection.

So, if you want a reliable wireless and fiber optic internet connection, we are listing down some internet plans with you!

Ritter Internet Plans

  1. Cable Internet Plans

The cable internet plans are designed to offer better internet speed, and since the wires are used for transmitting internet signals to the devices, there are fewer security concerns.

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In addition, cable internet has a lower latency rate, promising a more reliable internet connection. Also, the majority of devices have an Ethernet port, which leads to an easier setup.

$45 Plan

This plan costs $45 a month and is designed to offer a download speed of over 30Mbps. In addition, it’s a cable internet connection.

$65 Plan

As the name suggests, this plan costs $65 a month and comes with a download speed of 50Mbps. In particular, it’s a cable internet connection, which eliminates the chances of internet drops.

$85 Plan

This is a cable internet connection with download speeds of over 100Mbps. Also, as the name suggests, the monthly charges are $85.

$100 Plan

This cable internet plan offers a download speed of 200Mbps and costs around $100 a month. It’s a reliable choice for people who like streaming and gaming.

  1. DSL Internet Plans

The DSL internet is an apt choice for people who already have telephone lines installed because they can be reused to set up the internet connection.


In addition, the internet is always on and you don’t have to dial in. On top of everything, the DSL internet has a cheaper cost as compared to other internet plans.

$57.95 Plan

This plan costs $57.95 a month and it’s a DSL internet connection. It offers a download speed of 6Mbps.

$67.95 Plan

This plan costs $67.95 and offers a downloading speed of 12Mbps. This is a DSL internet connection, which means the existing telephone lines can be used.

$82.95 Plan

This is a DSL internet plan and offers a download speed of 25Mbps. This plan is suitable for people who like gaming and streaming as it can connect to the console and computer to prevent drops.


This DSL internet plan offers a download speed of 50Mbps. To be honest, the speed seems slow as compared to the price it’s offered at but DSL plans are usually more expensive.

  1. Fiber Internet Plan

Fiber internet is a perfect choice for people who want wireless internet with high speeds. The fiber optic connections promise zero throttling and the download and upload speeds are the same.

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The fiber internet connections can be used for multiple devices at once, without compromising on speed and reliability.

$70 Plan

This is a fiber internet connection that offers an amazing download speed of 200Mbps but you might have to compromise on the upload speed as it’s only 20Mbps.

$85 Plan

This is a wireless fiber internet connection with a download speed of 500Mbps. However, the upload speed is only 50Mbps.

$100 Plan

This fiber internet connection offers a whopping speed of 940Mbps, which is enough to send files, download large files, stream 4K and HD content, and indulge in gaming.

Additional Things About Ritter Internet Service

The majority of data plans are designed with unlimited data allowance and the company doesn’t throttle the speed either.

As far as the equipment is concerned, you can use your own router and modem to use the internet but you’ve to pay an additional support fee of $2.99.

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On the other hand, the fiber or other wireless plans have an equipment fee of $10 a month if you want to rent the equipment.

In case you want to upgrade the internet plan, you can go to rittercommunications.com/upgrade-account and fill out the form. Make sure you add the correct information to prevent account issues.

Wire Maintenance

Ritter offers DSL as well as other cable internet services, which is why the company is offering the wire maintenance plan.

With this plan, the users can get internet, phone, and TV wiring repaired for only $3.99 a month – it works like an insurance for wiring.

The wire maintenance plan includes troubleshooting, fixing loose connection, checking the communication wires and modem lines, and diagnosing the internet cable TV issues.

In addition, the company offers repair and/or replacement of jacks, fittings, and wires.


ProtectionSuite is a reliable option for people who need data protection for all their online needs. It allows the users to secure the wires and data from damage and eliminate unwanted costs.

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As a part of this service, the company has launched a TechHome plan that protects personal data from viruses and hackers. It comes with top-notch encryption and a password manager to secure the information.

In addition, there is an anti-virus and anti-theft software that promises protection from online threats as well as a cloud backup to protect the documents and other files.

This plan starts from $5.95 a month and you will be able to store your personal information, such as insurance information, pin numbers, prescriptions, and credit cards in one location.

Not many people know this but this plan allows the users to lock the phone with another device if it’s lost or stolen (there is a SecureIT app for it). Moreover, the users can use the on-install feature to identify threats before downloading any file or app.


In addition to these protection and security features, Ritter internet plans can be bundled with TV and phone plans to create an all-in-one solution.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, Ritter Communication has offered an array of internet plans, including fiber, DSL, and cable internet. All of them have reliable internet speeds, so which one will you choose?

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