Tips on Internet and Home Phone Bundles

With all the ways we prefer to stay connected nowadays you may find that paying for the services you receive can become overwhelming with one bill for Internet, another for your home phone, a different one for television programming, and so on.  The good news is along with the increased number of options for connectivity many service providers are now offering the option of saving money with Internet and home phone bundles.

If you are currently paying for your services with numerous separate billing chances are you are likely paying too much.  The following information in this article will provide you with an understanding of Internet and home phone bundles and how they can provide you with more convenience while saving you money on your service bills.  You will also find that although there are recommended bundles, a lot of the service providers will also allow you to customize a bundle of services that adequately serve your connectivity needs.


Comcast has a long standing track record for providing cable services and is one of the largest service providers in the United States.  The company recently added Xfinity TV to its list of services which is an on-demand Internet television programming and movie resource.  If Comcast is available in your area you can obtain high speed Internet in addition to customizing Internet and home phone bundles.

Comcast offers a variety of services that you can bundle together.  Xfinity TV offers digital cable services that allow you to access more than 250 channels, in addition to 100 channels delivered in high definition and a variety of television programming packages.  Comcast Internet offers a high speed broadband Internet connection with access to the Xfinity Internet TV service.  When you obtain the Internet service you can choose to use it as a standalone service or you can bundle it with other Comcast services.

The home phone service is offered as digital voice at a single rate the covers both local and long distance calling in addition to extras such as call blocking and caller ID.  The digital voice service requires an Internet connection and can be bundled with cable television and other Comcast services.  You can also save on Internet and home phone bundles by taking advantage of Comcast’s Double Play and Triple Play packages.


Verizon is another large provider of Internet and telecommunications services which can be bundled together to accommodate your connectivity needs.  In addition to being a primary carrier of cell phone services Verizon offers a variety of services which include high definition television, high speed broadband Internet, and digital voice services.  Verizon’s newest services are provided by its new FiOS service which provides FiOS TV, Internet, and voice bundles.

Verizon FiOS is a service that is delivered over fiber optic lines and its main benefit is improved communications speeds that handle enhanced voice services, high speed Internet to accommodate video streaming and other high demand applications, and high definition cable TV.

The FiOS television service delivers a better quality of high definition viewing due to the delivery of fiber optic as opposed to a conventional coaxial cable setup.  A fiber optic connection is faster and therefore delivers more clarity since the signal does not tend to disintegrate as with other types of connections.

The FiOS Internet service allows for a high speed broadband Internet connection that offers faster download and upload speeds and greater reliability. FiOS Internet is capable of accommodating high demand applications such as video streaming, multimedia, and other applications that depend upon a high speed connection.

FiOS home phone services offer an array of advanced features which included a higher quality voice connection along with Caller ID and Virtual Voice Mail.  While maintaining some of the long standing conventional services FiOS voice services take the traditional services to the next level by integrating the older services into new technologies.

In terms of offering money saving bundles, Verizon offers the Double Play which bundles two services together or the Triple Play option which offers three different FiOS services bundled together.  When choosing a bundle you can designate which services you want such as TV and Internet, Voice and TV, Internet and Voice, etc.


AT&T offers bundled Internet and home phone services which are offered via a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).  A DSL connection allows you to run both your high speed broadband Internet connection and telephone line without any interference from either service.  Although the service is DSL you can still receive Internet and home phone bundles when you choose to combine more than one service from AT&T.

AT&T offers different bundled services as a result of their partnership with other companies such as DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and others.  The quotes for an AT&T bundle deal vary according to availability in your area.  When you investigate bundle deals AT&T does not publish different bundles however, they do offer you an opportunity to get a free quote for the services you wish to obtain. On the other hand, if you go to the main AT&T website you can get more information on the different types of Internet and home phone bundles which are offered.

Typically when you sign up for AT&T’s Internet service you can obtain high speed broadband Internet access and then bundle it with other services such as DirecTV satellite television services, and AT&T digital phone services.  AT&T also offers Double Packs and Triple Packs which allow you to combine multiple services for less money and lock in your price for up to one year or you can choose to build your own bundle of services.

Recently AT&T began offering U-verse TV which provides up to 360 different channels in digital format, Total Home DVR, and faster Internet speeds to accommodate video streaming and other multimedia applications.  U-verse technology uses a combination of fiber optics and computer networking which allow you to enjoy fully integrated services which are bundled together in one easy monthly payment.

There is also a host of other service providers that offer different types of Internet and home phone bundles.  In order to take advantage of bundle deals it will require you to do some research to find out exactly what is available in the area where you live.  Although most of the service providers have been undergoing expansion efforts not all of the services we described earlier are available in every area of the globe.

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