How To Play Fortnite On CenturyLink?

play fortnite on centurylink
play fortnite on centurylink

Fortnite is an insanely popular online video game. With its adventurous gameplay, from children to adults, no one can stop being addicted to Fortnite. Online gamers have enough idea of how fast and stable internet connection is crucial to lock the ultimate victory, irrespective of how hard the game is. CenturyLink ends up in the list of preferred internet broadband(s) when it comes to online gaming. Especially, an extensive online game such as Fortnite, CenturyLink has very competitive offers for online gamers to play Fortnite efficiently using CenturyLink connection.

Play Fortnite On CenturyLink

Optimum Speeds Required For Online Games—Fortnite:

Well, your gaming platform has a lot to do with your required internet speeds. But for the extensive and heavy online game such as Fortnite, you need to look up the following gaming platforms and their speed requirements to play low-latent and less-pings game!

  1. Xbox One and PlayStation Single-Player:

When you are playing Fortnite on Xbox One and PlayStation Single-Player, you are required to have 3-4 Mbps download speed and 0.5 Mbps uploading speed.

  1. PC:

Before you start playing Fortnite on your PC, upgrade your internet speeds. Build downloading speeds up to 3-6 Mbps and uploading speed 0.75-1 Mbps.

  1. Online Multiplayer:

On an online multiplayer, you are needed to have 4 Mbps downloading speeds and 1.5 Mbps uploading speeds to make your gameplay much efficient.

Note that these speeds can vary with your internet broadband.

CenturyLink Median Latency With Fortnite:

Overall, if we see, the median latency is 33 MS, according to FFC. CenturyLink is being operated in 36 states. This internet provider has scored 3.85 stars out of 5 stars which is the highest score possible.

CenturyLink And Online Gaming:

When it comes to playing online games, like Fortnite, you need to have lesser pings as well as low-latency. Having both of these two high in number can ruin your online gaming experience and you become much of a loser in all sorts of games.

You can back up your online gaming by purchasing affordable and fast internet offers by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink is very popular among online gamers due to its packages such as the Price for Life guarantee. This offer provides you zero contracts and the same monthly fee as long as you keep internet service. The speeds and stability of CenturyLink Internet offer to provide are very well-rated.

CenturyLink Internet offer provides downloading speeds of 15 to 940 Mbps on a Monthly Price of $49–$65, which is quite affordable and handy. The connection type can be DSL/Fiber.

You can learn more about CenturyLink’s Internet Offers for online gaming by simply going to their website. Open this link to view their other plans here

Final Thoughts:

As per the above-evaluated information, we can conclude that CenturyLink internet provider is sufficient enough to let us play extensive online games such as Fortnite. Moreover, you are given so many Internet offers. You can simply follow the link and choose the one that suits your internet plans the best.

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