3 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Among Us

Among Us slow internet
Among Us slow internet

Among Us is an online social deduction multiplayer game. The game was first released on PC and mobile phones. Although, due to the huge success it got, it is now available to be played on all platforms. This game consists of a lobby from 4 to 10 players. There are then two sides which are randomly given to the player. One of these is the crewmates while the others are the imposters. The crewmates finish quests and have to complete all of them or find out the imposters to win the game.

On the other hand, the imposters have to successfully kill all the crewmates. Recently, Among Us players have reported that they have been getting slow internet while playing the game. This can be quite annoying because you get kicked out of the lobby as soon as the speed of your internet drops. We will be using this article to provide you with ways you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix Among Us Slow Internet?

  1. Run A Speed Test

The internet connection that you are using to play the game might be really slow. Keep in mind that the game requires a fast connection and will kick out any players that have slow internet. You do not even have the option to re-join the lobby. This is why it is essential that you have a stable and fast connection while you are playing. You can check the speed of your internet by using an online speed checker. There are multiple online tests that you can search for on the internet.

If the results of the test are lower than the package that you are subscribed to, then contact your ISP. You can contact them online or give them a call. Tell them that you getting bad ping and slower speed than you should be getting and they should be able to change the location of servers from their backend. This should most likely fix your problem. However, if your current package is slow then you can get it upgraded to get better connection speed.

  1. Out of Wi-Fi Range

Another reason that you might be getting slow speeds is that you are using a wireless connection. While for some devices, it is recommended that you use a wired connection. You can not use that on your mobile phones. The problem with getting slow speeds for you can be that you are too far from the router. This makes it harder for your device to receive the signals. Even if gets some signals then they will be extremely weak and might drop during the match.

This is why it is recommended that you move close to the router. This will make it easy for you to receive better signal strength and have a stable connection. You can also purchase an additional router to expand the Wi-Fi range of your internet connection. This way you will have good signal strength in every nook of your house. It is recommended that you purchase a router that has all the latest features in it because they will help you out later. One of these is the priority set up a function that allows your device to take up priority over other devices connected and gives you better connection over others.

  1. Close or Stop Background Applications

While playing the game, you might be running an application in the background of your device. This causes the device to slow down and get slow internet speed. It is recommended that you close all the background applications because Amon Us requires a lot of bandwidth. Additionally, you should also switch off auto-updates while playing the game. This is because your device might start to update files when you are in-game. This will cause you to drop your connection and get kicked out of the lobby.

Aside from this, you should also check if you have anything downloading in the back. Additionally, stop any streaming or downloading on other devices that your family or friends might be using and are connected to the same network. This will also speed up the internet for you. You can then play Among Us without having to go through slow internet speeds.

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