5 Causes For A Red Light On Your Viasat Modem

viasat modem red light
viasat modem red light

Viasat is a satellite internet connection, making it perfect for people from rural areas where 5G internet connection is not available. The internet connection also includes a modem, and like other modems, the Viasat modem is susceptible to the red light issue. The red light on a modem usually means that it’s offline and the internet connection won’t work. So, let’s check out how you can turn red light into green and yellow light!

Viasat Modem Red Light Possible Causes

1. Internet Plan

First of all, you should check the internet plan you’ve subscribed to. This is because if you are using a limited internet plan, you will have to struggle with the data caps once you consume the entire internet allowance of the month (it usually happens at the end of the month). Having said that, we suggest that you opt for an unlimited internet plan because it doesn’t have hard data caps. To upgrade the internet plan, you can contact Viasat customer support or just sign in to the My Viasat account to upgrade the internet plan on your own.

2. Reboot The Modem

In case you already have an unlimited data plan and it still has a red light, we suggest that you reboot the internet modem. The modem can be rebooted by turning it off for a few minutes and turning it on. A reboot will improve the internet connection as it helps refresh the internet signals. In addition to rebooting the modem, we suggest that you connect an Ethernet cord directly to the PC as it bypasses the signal interference.

3. Diagnostic Test

Another step that you can try is running a diagnostic test on the modem. With the My Viasat account, you can run a diagnostics test on the modem. For this purpose, just sign in to the account, open the help tab, and choose the “run diagnostics” option. The diagnostic test will identify the mechanical or configuration errors in the modem that can slow down the internet connection.

4. Weather

The internet connection is susceptible to errors caused by weather conditions. For instance, snowstorms and heavy thunder can lead to a slow internet connection, and the modem starts showing a red light. For this reason, if there are extreme weather conditions out there, you need to wait for the weather to calm down because it can adversely impact the signal reception.

5. Network Outage

If you have tried everything but the modem still has a red light and the internet isn’t working properly, there are chances of a network outage. In case of a network outage, the modem won’t receive any internet signals from the company, hence the red light. So, we suggest that you contact Viasat customer support and ask for information about the network status. If the internet servers are down, the company’s technicians will fix the server. In case of a network outage, you must wait!

The bottom line is that these are the only solutions you can try to fix the internet connection. However, if the internet connection is still not working, contact Viasat customer support or simply upgrade the internet plan!

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