PS4 Remote Play Connection Too Slow: 3 Fixes

ps4 remote play connection too slow
ps4 remote play connection too slow

PS4 was one of the most advanced gaming consoles a few months back before the release of PS5. That made it gain huge popularity over the years it was the flagship gaming console from Sony.

That way, you will be expecting the best possible performance from it, and that was there indeed. Remote Play is one such feature that you get on PS3 and PS4 allowing you to remotely transmit your audio and video from the console to some other device.

Yet, if the connection is too slow for you, here are a few things you need to check upon.

PS4 Remote Play Connection Too Slow

1) Internet Speed

Of course, that transmission occurs on the Internet and if you are not getting the right speed on your PS4 Remote Play connection, you need to ensure that there are no such things like a slow internet speed.

To do that, you should run a speed check on your network and make sure that you are getting the appropriate speed of the internet to make it all work. If the speed is not fine, you will have to take the necessary measures like checking the usage and consumption or calling your ISP to fix up the speed for you.

However, if the speed is fine and you are still getting the problem, here are a few things that you will have to do.

2) Reboot Modem

The first thing that you will need to do if the internet speed is fine, and there are no problems on that part is to check on your modem or router that you are using. The communication and all the data that is being transmitted will be shared over the modem or your router so you will have to get that fixed as well.

It is not that complicated and you don’t have to go through much troubles to get that done. All you will have to do is to reboot the modem that you are using and then connect the PS4 and the other device that you are connected with on the network again.

If you are using 2 separate modems or routers for the purpose, it is better to reboot them both and then connect the devices again. This will help you solve the problem most of the times and the problem that you were facing earlier will be gone like it was never there.

3) Reduce Resolution

Another possible reason for you to have this problem with Remote Play Connection on your PS4 can be the reason that you are trying to transmit the content over a device that is outdated or doesn’t have the right hardware specs on it that are required to make it work for you.

That is why, you need to reduce the resolution. If you are streaming at anything over 720p, that might be causing you to have the trouble. While the graphics quality will be pretty low at 540p or 320p, but it will fix the speed issue for you and  you will be able to make it work pretty fast.

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