3 Ways To Fix Mario Kart Slow Internet Connection

Mario Kart slow internet
Mario Kart slow internet

Mario Kart is a game made as a spin-off from the famous Mario series. The game was both published and developed by Nintendo. There are a total of 14 entries in this series to this date. With the latest being ‘Mario Kart: Home Circuit’. You can play this game on your mobile, handheld consoles, home consoles, or even at an arcade depending on which platform the following part was released on.

This is a really fun game where the users have to compete with each other in races using go-karts. You can play the game in both online and offline mode. However. Some people playing the Mario Kart game have reported that they have been getting slow internet speeds during their playthrough. This can ruin their experience, so if you are getting this problem as well. Here are a few ways you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix Mario Kart Slow Internet?

  1. Restart Your Router

If you are getting slow internet speeds while playing the game then it is most likely due to your router. Sometimes the performance of these devices slows down when they have been running for days. This is because a lot of temporary data gets stored in their memory. The only way to delete this and fix your internet speed is to give your router a restart.

You can do this by flipping your device. After this, locate the power button behind it. Press it once and your device should now switch off. Wait for a few seconds and then turn your router back on. The LED lights present on the top of your router should blink for some time. These indicate that your device is now restarting. After the lights become completely stable. Pick up your console or phone and try to play the game again. This should hopefully fix the problem that you are getting.

  1. USB LAN Adapter

Most of the Mario Kart games are on consoles from Nintendo. All of these have the option for you to insert a USB LAN adapter into your device. These devices allow the user to connect an ethernet cable to their device using a USB port. By attaching this adapter and then putting in an ethernet cable. Your device will then have a wired connection.

This will fix any problems that it might be getting from weak connections. Aside from that, wired connections are known to be faster than wireless connections. The main reason for this is instead of trying to catch on signals and transmit data wirelessly, all the network data is sent through wires instead. This makes it way faster as well as removes the possibility of your connection to run into unexpected interruptions.

The adapter can be found in the box your console came in. In case your device did not come with an adapter, you can search online. There a various website that sell these adapters, so you can easily purchase them. Although, it is highly recommended that you purchase an adapter from a reliable company that supports this to be used on Nintendo’s gaming consoles. Alternatively, you can purchase the adapter from a nearby gaming store from you.

  1. Multiple Devices Connected to Network

Another reason for you to be getting slow internet on your console while playing Mario Kart can be that your internet connection is connected to a lot of devices. This mainly causes the router or modem to become slow because there is an excessive amount of bandwidth being used by all the devices. For instance, someone in your house might be downloading or streaming a movie.

To fix this problem, you will have to disconnect any devices that you are not using from your Wi-Fi network. Additionally, make sure that no one is downloading files from the connection you want to play your game on. Removing all the devices taking up bandwidth with speed up your internet connection. After this you can enjoy your game without getting slow speeds again.

There might be a lot of people in your home that use the same internet connection as you. If that’s the case then you will keep running into this problem. This is why it is recommended that you get a separate connection for yourself.

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