PS4 Lagging Online With Good Connection: 3 Fixes

ps4 lagging online with good connection
ps4 lagging online with good connection

Sony is one of the best electronics companies that are from Japan. They have a huge lineup of devices that you can check from their official website. This contains all the information required about their devices as well. The products from Sony are sold all over the world. Additionally, there have been no major complaints from the users which shows how determined the brand is.

PS4 is one of their gaming consoles that allows you to play games, stream movies and even access the internet. There are tons more features provide to people through this platform. While the PS4 might be great some people have reported that it is lagging online even with a good connection. You might also get this problem which is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps to fix this.

PS4 Lagging Online With Good Connection

  1. Wired Connection

Having a stable Wi-Fi connection at your home feels like a blessing. Though, you should note that there are some things to consider when using a Wi-Fi network. The setup will look very clean. But the signal strength plays a huge role for the user when trying to access the internet. Even if you have a good speed, the one you will receive on your device through Wi-Fi will not be the same.

The connection speed for a wireless connection fluctuates a lot and can even stop in between. Many factors contribute to slowing down your speed or even interfering with it. You can try moving away from the objects between your devices or even try changing the positions for your router. These will help you in getting a better signal and might fix your problem.

However, if you play online games then you will still notice that there is a lot of lag on your connection. The best method to get rid of this is by using a wired connection instead. You can purchase an ethernet cable if you do not already own it from any electronic store. Make sure that it is made of good quality materials to ensure the transfer speeds will be consistent.

You can then plug your PS4 directly into the internet through your wire. It is better if you connect the console to your modem but even the router should be fine. You will then get a stable internet speed without having to worry about any lag on your device. Another thing to keep in mind is that you connect the cable to the right ports. You can read the labels provided to confirm this.

  1. Disable Proxy

Sometimes people might not want to use wired connections. This can usually be because the cables look untidy. Alternatively, it might not be feasible for you to route the wires all around your house. Whatever the case might be if you still want to use a Wi-Fi connection. Then you should note that routers have some features built into them that can slow down the speed of your internet.

The most common one of these is a VPN. You might have enabled it for security or to access region-blocked content. Though, this can slow down the speed and give you a lot of lag. This is why it is better if you disable your VPN from the router. People who are unsure of how to do this should open the configurations on your router. They can then browse through it to find the option. The process varies depending on the model of device you are using which is why you can even consult the manual to help you out.

  1. Contact ISP

Finally, if the problem persists then you will have to contact your ISP. The issue might be from their backend and you will have to notify them. Before you proceed with this, the user can also try resetting or rebooting their router. Though, the reset will completely delete the files they had made changes to.

You will then have to set up the configuration files again which can be quite a hassle. One way around this is by making a backup copy beforehand. You can then restore it if the reset did not work out for you. However, if it did then you can set up your system again.

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