Xbox One Won’t Turn On After Power Outage: 3 Fixes

xbox one won't turn on after power outage
xbox one won’t turn on after power outage

Xbox One is considered to be among the best gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. It is mainly designed to allow users to play video games but there are tons of other features included. These allow you to stream movies, shows and even listen to songs. You can even access the internet directly from your console without much hassle.

The connectivity process is extremely easy. Aside from this, there is no setup or configuration required from the user to operate the console which makes it user-friendly. Though, recently some users have reported that their Xbox one won’t turn on after a power outage. If you are also getting the same problem then this article should help you fix this through some troubleshooting steps.

Xbox One Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

  1. Check Power Outlet

If you had a power outage and your console is not switching on. Then the first thing to check is your outlets. Usually, during a power surge, the outlets can sometimes get burnt out. This is caused by the fluctuation in current coming to your connection.

The best method to check the status of your outlet is through a voltmeter. You can take readings to find what current you are getting. However, people who do not currently have access to a voltmeter can use a lamp instead. Plug your lamp in the connection to see if the bulb lights up correctly. Carefully observing it should tell you if the voltage coming is stable or not. The light will either completely light up or will blink a little.

You can then plug your lamb in another outlet to confirm this. If your current outlet has broken down but others are working fine. Then it is recommended that you connect your console to a news outlet and get your previous one replaced.  Sometimes people only have to replace the fuse in their sockets to fix them. Just make sure that you check the current ratings for these beforehand to prevent any problems.

  1. Reset Power Supply

The Xbox One uses an external power supply unit. Usually, if the device is not booting up then the problem should be with it. Most of these can be fixed by simply resetting them. The great thing about having an external power unit is that you do not have to open up the device. You can start the reset by taking off your power supply completely along with all of its connections.

Leave these disconnected from the main power and console for a few minutes. You can then plug the power cable into your power supply and then plug it in the main power. Keep in mind that the console needs to stay disconnected during this process. Now notice the green light on your power brick. If it is stable then you can plug your console and start using it. This should most likely fix the problem that you were getting previously.

  1. Faulty Power Brick

If the user notices that the lights on their power supply are blinking instead of staying stable. Then this usually means that the unit has broken down. The only way to fix this issue is by replacing the power brick with a new one. You can easily purchase it directly from Microsoft or through some other famous brand that has these available. You must purchase an original power supply for your console. Connecting a third party will most likely damage your console instead of helping you out.

After purchasing a new power supply connect it back in to fix your problem. Though, there are some things that you should consider doing. The first one is that you are using the cable provided to you by the company. Sometimes people might change their connection cable which can have variating current values.

These will burn out your PSU and might even damage the main board of your console. Aside from this, you should always consider using an extension. These act as a secure connection for your appliances. In case of any fluctuations in the current coming from your sockets. The extension will burn out and cut the power. Instead of letting your device getting damaged. You can then simply replace the extension instead of having to troubleshoot the devices.

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