Does a PS4 Have Built-In WiFi? (Explained)

PS4 Built In WiFi
PS4 Built In WiFi

What Is A PS4?

With the advancement in technology, the world of gaming has evolved to the point of surprise and unbelievably. You now have gaming consoles you never thought of. Amongst the latest generation of gaming consoles comes the ultimate PlayStation 4 aka the PS4.

The PS4 console has been developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and allows users to play a number of games without being involved in the complexities that PC gaming brings along. With its latest consoles, players can use the consoles rather than a mouse and keyboard to play the games. Also since PS4 comes with a built-in internet connection, you can update the software, install games and also watch your favorite TV shows, movies, contact your friends, form communities and also listen to your favorite music while you play games.

Does a PS4 Have Built-In WiFi?

Yes all PlayStation 4 systems come with an integrated WiFi antenna. The internet connectivity then allows users to play games online, watch HD content via streaming using services such as Netflix and listen to music via Spotify.

Although the console has a built-in WiFi it is recommended that you connect your PS4 to the internet via an Ethernet or a wired LAN connection that allows your bandwidth to be above 2MB, allowing you better speed for the real gaming experience.

Although WiFi is a convenience, it does not overcome obstacles and the speed is greatly disturbed by distance and objects like walls and other barriers around the house. Even if you have your PS4 console right next to your Wi-Fi router, nothing can guarantee whether you will get the full connection speed that your ISP advertises.

PS4 built-in WiFi is a convenience but nonetheless it is much more unstable than a wired connection. Therefore if you only need a light internet connection, opt for the PS4 built-in WiFi. However, if you intend on playing games online or you want to stream content, an Ethernet port, or wired internet connection is recommended.

Pros of Using PS4 Built-In WiFi

The PS4 built-in WiFi is very easy to set up. You can avoid lots of hassle and save time. Because of the built-in WiFi in the PS4, you can avoid the Ethernet cables and can place your gaming console on a location that you’re comfortable with, without having to worry about the long cables.

Usually, the PS4 system has its internet connection enabled. If you want to disconnect the system from the internet you can follow the instructions below;

  1. Select settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Clear checkbox for Connect to the Internet

When you have your internet connection set up and enabled on your PS4 device, the system will automatically connect to the internet when it turned on. Also while the system is on or in the rest mode, the connection will be constantly maintained.

If you want to stay disconnected from the internet while the system is in rest mode,

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Power Saving Settings
  3. Set Features Available In Rest Mode
  4. Clear the Checkbox that says Stay Connected to the Internet

How To Connect PS4 To The Internet?

You can either use LAN (Ethernet) cable or WiFi to connect your PS4 to the internet. All you have to do is

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions
  5. Configure settings

Connecting PS4 To Internet With LAN

  1. Select Use A LAN Cable
  2. Select Easy
  3. Follow Instructions

When you select the Easy option, the setup is automatic

Connecting With WiFi (Wireless Connection)

  1. Select Use Wi-Fi
  2. Select Easy
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network from lists of available Network
  4. Configure settings by adding a password and select Done
  5. If you cannot find the Wi-Fi network you want to connect automatically, select the Set Up Manually and then configure

Once your internet connection settings have been updated, you can test the connection to make sure the speed is acceptable and your gaming, browsing, and/or streaming session is uninterrupted. Exit the screen and your set up is now complete.

Points To Remember

Your connection settings usually depend on how your network has been set up and the type of device that you’re using. You might also be required to enter additional information such as the proxy server or the IP address.  You can configure these settings by selecting the Custom option.

If you’re using access points supporting AOSS, WPS, or Rakuraku WLAN Start, you can save the settings easily. AOSS and Rakuraku WLAN Star are available in only a few selected regions and countries.

Also, if you have a PS4 system that supports the 5GHz range, you will have to choose the Wi-Fi frequency band that you want to use. For this, you can select the Options button on the WiFi network selection screen.

What’s Next?

Once your PS4 is connected to the internet you have a whole range of options to explore.

1. Communities

You can connect to various players via the Community feature. You can play games, have parties and also talk about your interests amongst your community members.

You can also create a community yourself or become a moderator on any other owner’s behalf.

2. Music

You can also listen to music using your PS4 system. Spotify comes built-in with PS4 system and you can select that from the content area, enter your Spotify account details and you’re good to go.

You can also keep listening to music in the background while you play games or when using various applications such as Internet Browser.

3. Message Your Friends

Send or receive text messages to your friends and fellow players via the PS4 system once your internet connection is set up.


The PS4 built-in WiFi is a surefire convenience allowing you a better chance at internet connectivity at your place of comfort and ease of connectivity with a good speed. However, if it’s really intense, hardcore gaming that you want, an Ethernet connection is recommended.

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