4 Ways To Bypass CenturyLink Internet Block

how to bypass centurylink internet block
how to bypass centurylink internet block

How to Bypass Centurylink Internet Block?

Nowadays, one of the most common issues that we face is that our internet service provides sometimes puts internet blocks. It happens due to different reasons, but no matter what, this thing needs to be resolved.

In the article, we will let you know about how to bypass the Centurylink internet block. Stay with us to have accurate information about bypassing Centurylink internet block.

Why Internet blocks Exist?

There are various reasons and their answers to these questions. First of all, some government policies are the most common reason for internet blocks. These governments have some agendas that restrict some sites, and even they put blocks on some popular applications to meet their agenda.

Along with it, some service providers also use geo-blocking tools to restrict a specific population from accessing their content. It may be due to certain reasons, and you may be facing an internet block due to your service provider.

Way Forwards to Bypass Internet Blocks

Internet block is something that can affect your internet surfing. It can affect your work hour by wasting time on getting past those internet blocks. Here we have some way forwards that are mostly used to overcome Centurylink internet blocks.

1. Using a VPN

We have discussed earlier that some service providers may use geo-blocking to restrict your area from accessing their content, and there is no solution other than a VPN to resolve this issue. If you face internet block due to geo-blocking, then using an authentic VPN will undoubtedly work for you.

2. Using Site’s IP Address

The IP address is the only thing responsible for directing your website traffic. If you know the IP address of a particular website, then you will not face Centurylink internet block while accessing a website. Many service providers block their domain name and not the IP address, so it is quite possible to enter any website’s main page through the IP address.

3. Calling the Centurylink Service Centre

If Centurylink has put an internet block for you, there is no better option than contacting their customer service center to resolve this issue. If you are using everything in an orderly and lawful manner, you will face no issue, and your internet block will be removed.

4. Try Using Tor

Tor is something that can take you to a world tour without even moving an inch. Tor is an open-source software for anonymous communication. It will access the site in a way that won’t let anyone know about the origin of the search, eventually enabling you to get past the internet blocks.


Internet blocks can be very disturbing when you are doing your assignments or other office work. So, we have come up with some way forwards to resolve your issues. If you have been through this article, you will not face problems related to your Centurylink internet blocks.

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