Orbi Parental Controls Not Supported: 3 Ways To Fix

orbi parental controls not supported
orbi parental controls not supported

Orbi is a famous Wi-Fi system device that was manufactured by Netgear. This allows you to connect the router with your modem. Which will then spread the signals throughout your home for you. There are tons of other features that you are provided with along these. The best thing about using this device is that you only require a network.

There is no requirement to set up additional networks or change names even when you want to add more routers into the system. Even the process to set up the device is simple. Though, there are still some issues that can be found when configuring it.

One of these is that the Orbi parental controls are not supported error message keeps popping up. We will be using this article to provide you with some simple steps that can be used to fix this.

Orbi Parental Controls Not Supported

  1. Configure Settings

To start using the parental controls service on the Orbi device, you have to configure the settings first. If you had not done these previously then that might be why you are getting the problem. You can start by opening up the router dashboard on your device and signing in to it.

Usually, the password for it will be set to the one you had changed when you set up the device. Though, if it is not working for you then you can try entering the default credentials. These are set to ‘admin’ as both username or password sometimes.

Alternatively, the password can also be just ‘password’ at times. Note that the credentials are set to case sensitive so keep that in mind when entering them. You can then proceed to browse through the main information displayed on the interface and select parental controls. Configure these according to your use and you can then start using them without any issues.

  1. Disable AP mode

If you are using AP mode then you should note that this does not allow users to use the parental controls with it. Usually, when you set up the router using the manual guide given then you will have this feature enabled.

The only way to function the parental features is by disabling AP mode. You can do this by entering configurations just like the step mentioned above. Find the AP mode and then disable it to start setting up the parental controls instead.

  1. Reset Router

Sometimes people might have trouble trying to disable features on their Orbi. Aside from this, you might have accidentally changed some files that are giving you errors. In this case, you can proceed by resetting the Orbi router in your home.

This will delete all the configurations on your device that you had done previously and you will have to set them up again. Though, this should also allow you to enable the parental control feature without any issues. Just make sure that you keep the AP mode disabled and set up the device without it. This should then allow you to reset the router and start using it without any issues.

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