6 Ways To Fix Linksys Router Not Supported

linksys router not supported
linksys router not supported

Whenever one needs to ensure a high-speed wireless internet connection, using the right modem and router is essential. That’s to say because routers are responsible for transmitting the wireless internet signals. However, the Linksys router not supported error is pretty evident. This is the prime reason that we have established this article because it helps you fix the support issue!

How To Fix Linksys Router Not Supported?

1. Power Cycle

Power cycling should always be your first choice because it helps resolve the majority of minor issues (software-related issues, in general). So, power cycle the Linksys router by removing the power cord and wait for at least ten seconds before you plug in the power cord. Once the router is switched on, you will be able to access the optimal functionality.

However, if the power cycle doesn’t work, tick the “network is currently not secure and open” option and hit the continue button. Pressing the continue button will initiate the process that’s highly likely to resolve the issue. So, try your luck, but if it doesn’t work, move on to the next troubleshooting method!

2. Distance

While you are using the internet connection (wireless connection, in fact), you need to ensure the distance is optimal. For this reason, your laptop must be within the range of the router. In addition, sometimes, such errors occur due to the signal interferences from other devices. So, move your device closer to the router and ensure that there are no electronic devices around.

3. Channels

If you had already moved closer to the router, but the error is still there, you might be using the incorrect channel setting. Generally, it’s advised that you use the automatic channel option because it helps configure the channels automatically. Even more, changing channel settings are highly likely to eliminate support errors.

4. Security Protocol

While using the wireless connection with the Linksys router, one needs to ensure that they are using the correct security standards. In addition, Linksys works optimally with the WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal, and WEP security password. This is because such issues occur when people try to change the wireless setting.

In addition to checking the correct security protocol on your router, users must ensure that the wireless adapter is compatible with the wireless network. So, check the operating system of the computer and adapter and ensure they are compatible to work with the security standards.

5. Drivers

To begin with, the routers and computers must be installed with the latest adapter drivers. This is because having an apt driver promises better wireless connection performance. On average, the adapter should be compatible with AC, G, N, B, and A standards. If this is the case, you will need to check the router specifications and choose the most updated driver.

6. MAC Filter

While using the Linksys router, the wireless MAC filter tends to be enabled by default. This is because it helps limit the number of connected devices, hence better internet speed. On the contrary, this MAC filter doesn’t work well with router support. So, it’s advised to disable the MAC filter and see if it fixes the error!

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