4 Ways To Fix Oppo Smartwatch Slow Internet Issue

oppo smartwatch slow internet
oppo smartwatch slow internet

Oppo is one of the largest growing brands in the world of smartphones and their phones are competing with some of the oldest and most selling brands in the world. Recently Oppo decided to step into the world of smartwatches and came out with some of the best wearable technologies that you can get your hands on in the market.

These smartwatches that you can get from Oppo come in two basic shapes that are square and round, but their efficiency and performance can easily outrun some of the most major smartwatch brands.

Oppo Smartwatch Slow Internet

There are some controversies as well with these oppo smartwatches that you might hear on the design and the dynamics, but that is not something that you need to be concerned with if you want to get an affordable smartwatch with good performance. The speed, processing, and connectivity is top-notch and there are not many problems that you might come across if you are using the Oppo Smartwatch. Although, at times you might feel like the internet is slow on your Oppo smartwatch due to some reason, and here is how you can have it fixed.

1) Mind the GPS & Bluetooth

While you might feel like location can be a breach of your privacy, it can also cause you to have problems with your internet speed that you might be getting on your Oppo Smartwatch. If you feel like the internet speed is relatively slower than it should be, you need to enable the GPS on it and that will allow you to enhance the connectivity and speed of the internet on your Oppo smartwatch.

You will also need to ensure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both are enabled so the watch can share all the resources that you have on the phone including the internet speed. That will be solving the problems that you are having with the Oppo smartwatch with the internet speed and it will be fixed properly.

2) Mind the downloads

You will also have to make sure that there are no applications on your phone or the watch that can be downloaded in the background. Since the Oppo smartwatch shares the internet from your phone if there is some large file being downloaded either on the phone or the watch.

If the apps are not downloading any data, you will need to check on the app updates and the other things like firmware updates that might be downloading in the background. While any such thing is being downloaded, it can cause you to have lesser internet speed for other applications that you might be trying to use. This way, you can make it work in an optimal manner by pausing those downloads. However, if there is some firmware or app update, it would be better to let it download and install, and after that, your speed will be as good as before.

3) Check the Signal Strength

If you are connected to the Wi-Fi, you might be a bit far from the router and getting low signal strength on your smartwatch. You will need to be closer to your Wi-Fi router if you intend on using it for extensive speed taking applications.

However, if you are on the mobile data, your watch will be using the internet connection from your phone. You will have to keep an eye on the network strength. At times, you can get 3G or lower internet connection strength due to a number of reasons. You will need to check on that, and if there are low signals, you will have to change your location to get the right speed. Another thing that you can try is toggling the airplane mode on and off to restart the mobile network and connect with it again to solve the internet speed issues.

4) Reset

Lastly, if nothing has worked out for you, you will have to reset the watch. Resetting the watch will remove all the settings and applications that can be causing you to have these speed issues with the internet. Once the watch is reset, you can always connect and optimize it with the phone and that is going to help you out in fixing the internet speed issue properly on your Oppo Smartwatch.

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