3 Ways To Fix Letsfit Smartwatch Slow Internet Issue

letsfit smartwatch slow internet
letsfit smartwatch slow internet

Letsfit has come up with a smartwatch for its users. The watch is capable of keeping a track of all the steps you take in a day. Additionally, it will also keep a note on your heartbeat as well as the sleeping schedule you are in.

All of these can then help you out in setting up better daily habits. The smartwatch is also waterproof so this means you can take it under without having to worry about the device getting damaged. However, some Letsfit users have been reporting that they are getting slow internet speeds on their devices. If that is the case with you as well then here are a few ways you can troubleshoot.

Letsfit smartwatch Slow Internet

  1. Update Software

Letsfit has come up with a lot of updates for their devices that fix common problems that the users have been reporting. The slow internet issue that you are getting might have already been fixed by the company. The reason why you are still getting it can be that you have not been updating your device. The user needs to make sure that they keep their device updated to the latest version so that it does not run into any errors.

Running older versions of the software will most likely damage your device and give you a lot of errors. First of all, update the application of Letsfit that you are using on your mobile phone. This is the software that you mostly use to connect your watch with the smartphone. After this application has been completely updated, you can now proceed on to the software update of your smartwatch. Open up the settings on your smartwatch. After this locate the option for system update here. Click on this option to start searching for any new updates that might be available for your device.

Click on download, after the device finds an update. Your device will take some time to download and then install this software update. This is why it is recommended that you charge your watch beforehand and put it closer to the router while it is going through the update. This ensures that your device will not get interrupted during this procedure. After the update is complete, you can now start using your device without any problem.

  1. Weak Signal Strength

The internet connection that you are trying to use on your smartwatch might be too far away from you. If the signals coming from the router are extremely weak or unstable then the connection might work for some time. But it will eventually disconnect or start giving off extremely slow speeds. This might be the reason why you are getting this problem.

To fix this, move a little closer to the router. While this might only be a temporary fix. You can try to move metallic or magnetic objects between you and the router. This way the signal coming to you will be better than before. This is because the objects that you have just move out of the way might be interfering with the signals.

  1. Use Separate Connection

You might share your internet connection with your friends and family. This is why you should keep in mind that the more people who use the same connection, the slower it will get. This is because most connections provide a limited bandwidth for their users. If you start to exceed the usage of this then the speeds will start to get slower and slower. To prevent this from happening, you can do two things. Either disconnect additional devices and only use the internet connection on the devices that really need it. Or another thing that you can do is set up an entirely different connection.

You can then use these two connections and use your important devices on the network that is faster. This will also prevent this problem from happening again. While setting up a new connection, you can even try out a different ISP. This way you can check out the different packages they provide. You may even find a better ISP than you already have.

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