Willful SmartWatch Slow Internet Issue: 3 Ways To Fix

willful smartwatch slow internet
willful smartwatch slow internet

Willful has come up with a smartwatch that is supported with both android and most iOS devices. You can download the application for this watch on your mobile phone and start receiving notifications on it. Additionally, the smartwatch provides its users with a fitness tracker. This supports more than 9 sports. Which include hiking, cycling, jogging, and similar exercises.

You can even take a look at your heart rate and keep track of your sleep. This smartwatch might be a great product. But some users have recently reported that they are getting slow internet speeds on their Willful smartwatch. If that is the case for you as well then here is how you can fix it.

Willful SmartWatch Slow Internet

  1. Restart Router (If you are connecting to WiFi)

There are many factors that might affect your internet speed. This is without getting into technical fixes you should start with one of the simplest ones. This is to restart the router that you are connecting your smartwatch to. Most routers store up temporary files to recognize the usage of their users. This way they can load up frequently used websites faster than before.

Sometimes these cache files can slow down your device and internet speed instead. Restarting your device should allow your router to delete all the temporary files and start working again without any problem. While restarting your device, you should remember that you keep it powered off for a few minutes before you decide to switch it back on. This gives the device enough time to completely delete these files.

  1. Check Internet Speed

The internet that you using might be really slow. You can confirm this by checking if you are getting the same speeds as the package that you are subscribed to. In some cases, the ISP that people are using doesn’t provide the speed that users have subscribed to. This is why it feels like they are getting slow internet on their devices. There are many online internet speed tests that you can use to check the download and upload speed on your device.

Additionally, you can even check the ping that your device is getting from the servers. After taking a reading of your internet speed, you can then compare it to the speed labeled on the package that you are using. If the speed matches then there is no problem and you might just have to upgrade your package to a better one if you feel like the speed that you are using is slow. However, if the speed does not match with the package and is lower than labeled.

Then this means that there is some problem from the backend of your ISP. You should contact them by making a call or texting them online and then tell them about the problem that you getting. After hearing you out, they should be able to provide you with a solution. The problem might even get fixed on its own if you wait for some time.

  1. Weak Signals

Another reason for your smartwatch to be getting slow internet speeds can be that it is not receiving enough signals from your router. This can happen if you are too far away from the router or if something is interrupting the connection between your devices. Whatever the case might be you should try to move a little closer to your router to fix the problem. If this in fact solves the problem that you are getting then you can try to change the position of your router.

Move it closer to the direction in which you usually use your device. Other than this you can also install another router in your home. This way you will get better coverage and stronger signals in all your rooms. This will also allow you to easily move around the house without having to worry about the signal strength dropping or being inconsistent. One thing to keep in mind while purchasing a new router is that you check the total coverage of it. As well as check all the features that device comes with. New routers have tons of features that can help users to get better internet speeds on their devices.

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