How To Access Obihai Login Admin Page? Explained

obihai login admin
obihai login admin

Obihai is known for manufacturing high-end analog telephone adapters. These adapters are known to support the session initiation protocol (SIP), Google Voice, and XMPP. In addition, it is compatible with internet telephony but users have access to the Obihai login admin for managing the adapter and configuring the settings. So, let’s check out the details!

Obihai Login Admin

Logging Into The Obihai Adapter

It’s pretty obvious that you have to log in to the Obihai device’s web admin interface to make changes or apply settings. Anyhow, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions to access the login page of the administration interface, such as;

  • To begin with, you need to open a new tab on the browser and add the ATA IP address (, in particular)
  • It will open the admin login page, so just log into the web admin interface (you can use the username and password for logging in. The default username and password for Obihai web admin is “admin” unless you’ve changed it already)
  • After adding the username and password details, press the sign-in or enter button and you will be logged in
  • As a result, you can make changes to the settings according to the requirements

In addition to using this method for accessing the login admin page, you can also open the Obihai official website. When the website is opened up, you can directly sign in to the account from there. While you are trying to access the admin login page, you must have a high-speed internet connection because the website doesn’t work well with the slow connection.

MAC Passwords

When it comes down to accessing the login admin, you obviously need the passwords and MAC passwords are one of them. For people who have already activated the adapter or phone for the service, you won’t be able to use the default password of the manufacturer. This is important if you want to access the admin settings because the admin password changes whenever the device is activated.

You can collect the information about the current device by two different methods. For the admin console users, the activation code is generally available in the device area of the admin console. On the other hand, if you are the account manager user, you can download the spreadsheet of extension data, such as admin passwords.

Default Passwords

In addition to the MAC passwords, there are default passwords. The default passwords are used by the phones and adapters that aren’t activated for the service. In addition, the adapters and phones that haven’t been reactivated or have been factory reset can use the default password. That being said, the default password is “admin” and you can enter the same information in the username field.

To summarize, Obihai is a well-known brand whenever people have to buy adapters. With this article, we tried to tell you how you can access the admin login page. This is because it’s important when you want to tweak the settings and configure them according to the network. So, is everything cleared up?

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