Can You Make OBi To OBi Call? Explained

obi to obi call
obi to obi call

For people who don’t know, OBiLINE is the USB accessory connected to the OBi2 and OBi3 services. With these devices, the users can add the PSTN landline services to the already available voice services. The users can make OBi to OBi calls since it allows users to make calls from and to any service that can be connected to telephones. With this article, we are sharing more about OBi to OBi calls!

OBi To OBi Calls

To begin with, the users can make calls from and to the services that are connectable to telephones that are attached to the phone ports of OBi. In addition, the calls can be bridged through OBi to different services. To name a few, the users can make calls to the landline service to the OBi, route out the incoming calls to the OBi device from the landline, and bridge the calls with VoIP services, such as OBiTALK, Google, and SIP.

Making The Calls

When it comes down to OBiLINE, the users can make calls and there are various ways to do so. First of all, you can dial ## before the OBi number that you want to call. For instance, when the phone is connected to one of the available phone ports of the OBi device, you simply dial ##. For the most part, the method can only be used by the phones that are attached to the phone ports of the OBi device. When you dial ##, wait for a few seconds or until the dial tone rings, and dial the phone number of the person that you need to call or reach out to.

The second method of making calls is dialing **70. Simply said, you can dial **70 and add the recipient number and it will route the call to the service that’s connected to OBiLINE. The method is suitable for people who want to bridge the calls to the landline services that are connected to OBiLINE through OBi attendants. In addition, it is suitable if you want to add the third party to the present VoIP call when it comes down to the three-way call.

In some cases, the OBi device users tend to use the OBiLINE that’s connected to the landline for making landline calls (911 calls). For this purpose, the users have to set up the system through the OBiTALK web portal. In addition, you’ve to configure the emergency calling service on the OBiLINE device.

Receiving The Calls

We have mentioned how users can make OBi to OBi calls, but what about receiving the call? We have the information for that as well. To illustrate, when the call comes through the landline service, both phone ports will start ringing the connected phones (it’s the default approach). However, the users can modify this system through the web portal because there are configuration settings available for the OBi devices.

As far as the phone numbers are concerned, all the OBi devices have the 9-digit OBi number and these devices are designed to support the phone numbers from internet services and cable operators.

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