How To Update Obihai Firmware? (Explained)

how to update obihai firmware
how to update obihai firmware

Obihai is an established brand for adapters that are compatible with internet telephony. It works well with Google Voice, SIP, and XMPP. However, just like other adapters, Obihai adapters must have updated firmware to streamline the performance. With this article, we are teaching you how to update Obihai firmware, so let’s get to the details!

How To Update Obihai Firmware?

Automatic Updates

When the updates are concerned with Obihai, the users always have the choice to choose between automatic updates and manual updates. With the automatic updates, if the devices are added to OBiTALK, the users will see the yellow triangle (it looks more like a warning sign). So, you just have to choose this button and the automatic update process will be started.

The second method is using the touch-tone phone if you have attached it to the IP phone dial pad or the OBi. That being said, if you’ve connected the device with an IP phone dial pad or OBi, you only have to dial ***6 and the update will be confirmed. In addition, if the firmware update is available, dialing ***6 will automatically download and install the firmware update.

Manual Updates

In several cases, people are unable to access the automatic updates for various reasons. That being said, if you are sure that the update is available but it’s not downloading automatically, you can follow the two different methods to install the firmware manually. The first method is to download the firmware from the link available on the website (use the link according to the Obihai adapter model). When the firmware is downloaded, you can follow the instructions below;

  • Now that the firmware file is downloaded to the computer, you need to access the OBi device’s webpage (you can do it through the WAN or internet port)
  • When the phone is attached to the port on the phone, dial ***1, and OBi’s IP address will be read
  • Then, open the new tab on the browser and add the OBi IP address, such as
  • When the webpage opens up, write “admin” in the username and password fields (if you’ve changed the password and username, add that information) and log in
  • When you are logged in, open the system management tab and go to the device update
  • Now, look for the firmware file that you’ve already downloaded and tap on the update button
  • As a result, it will be installed and OBi will be restarted, and when it switches back on, you can use the updated version

While you are downloading and installing the firmware update, make sure that you ensure a steady internet connection. In addition, the devices must be switched on all the time. If the firmware is installed successfully, the Obihai will reboot automatically. However, if it’s not installed, there will be an error message on the screen.

There are three types of errors when the firmware upgrade fails. First of all, the checksum error occurs if you used the corrupted file, so you redownload the file. Secondly, “system is busy” is another error which means you just have to follow the update instructions again.

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