NextLink Invisio G5 Review – Good Value For Money?

nextlink invisio g5 review
nextlink invisio g5 review

In the past few years, the utilization of Bluetooth headsets has increased but it’s made it challenging to find a reliable headset. However, NextLink Invisio G5 has become a reliable choice and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the smallest headset that one can find. It’s a comfortable design and has a rubber-tail attachment that helps attach the headset to the ear. What’s best is that it doesn’t cause issues, even if you are wearing glasses. So, if this interests you, we are sharing NextLink Invisio G5 review!

The Brief

Being the smallest headset with Bluetooth configuration, it’s a reliable choice for people who are always on the go and want quick control. The sound quality is pretty reasonable, even if you are in a noisy environment and there is only one button for handling the calls (yes, you can answer and end a call). The battery life is amazing and there is a carry case available that also works as a charger and a battery pack. For instance, you can connect this box to the main adapter for charging the headset and its battery. It allows the users to charge the headset without compromising on convenience.

NextLink Invisio G5 Review:

  1. Design

To begin with, the headset has an easy and clear design, which makes it easy to use. To be honest, the headset has a modern design but it’s not very innovative because the company wanted to focus on achieving a small size and mass. It is sized 3.3 cm by 1.6 cm and weighs only six grams. In addition, it’s only available in black color.

As far as the controls are concerned, there are three buttons to provide access to different functions. There is a talk button on the top with amazing tactile feedback and convenient usage. The talk button has been relieved in the center, which increases the responsiveness. On the other hand, there are two small side buttons but they might be a bit hard to press.

Since this headset has a lightweight design, pressing the side buttons hard will move the whole set, which can be uncomfortable. When worn on the right ear, the up button will increase the volume. As far as the speaker is concerned, it’s located on the tail and neck of the headset, which promises exceptional sound quality.

There is a soft spring on the headset – it is a rubber top that fits into the ear and makes sure that it remains stable. As far as the size is concerned, there are two sizes available and you can shorten the headset manually. This Bluetooth headset remains in the ear, which means you won’t have to worry about it falling.

There is also a service light on the bottom side of the headset, which either glows in green or red color. The red service light means that the device needs charging while green indicates full charge. In addition, there is a charging contact between the volume buttons (nope, there is no charging slot), which is why you’ve to use the protective charging case to charge the Bluetooth headset.

As far as the case is concerned, it has a stylish design and has two buttons. One button is useful for opening the cap while the second button helps check the battery. There is a mini USB connector on the bottom. In addition, the case has five LEDs and they glow in green form.

  1. Function & Performance

To use this Bluetooth headset, you need to put your headset in the pairing mode – you can press and hold the talk button to enter the pairing mode. In fact, the service light blinks in red and green color to help you see that the headset is connected to the internet. As far as the pairing code is concerned, you can use 0000 in the smartphone to optimize the pairing process.

The volume can be increased or decreased with the help of two volume buttons and you can press them both simultaneously to mute the device. To be honest, we recommend that you set the desired volume before setting the headset in the ear as it can move it out of the position, which not only causes discomfort but you will need to set it in the ear again.

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