A Review of Clear Internet

If you are unfamiliar with Clear Internet it refers to WiMAX or 4G Internet connectivity.  This is the latest form of high speed broadband Internet with CLEAR formerly being the Clearwire company.  This type of broadband connectivity is known as fourth generation and is also commonly referred to as the future of wireless due to its capability to accommodate applications that require a high speed Internet connection.

Clear Internet allows you to access high speed broadband wireless Internet from anywhere in your town or city and at speeds that are comparable to those you enjoy at home with a cable or DSL connection.  Clear Internet is offered in a variety of plans that offer different services to suit a variety of uses.  Here is a review of Clear Internet to provide you with an overview of what this type of connection has to offer.

Clear 4G WiMAX Availability

Clear Internet offers 4G WiMAX broadband Internet and is not yet available in all areas.  If you are looking for this type of connectivity you should check to see if Clear Internet is available in your area.  If it is not available, keep watching for it as availability increases.  The reason it is not yet offered in some areas is because 4G technology is fairly new on the broadband horizon.  Like 3G that now has wide availability, 4G will eventually follow this path.

How Clear Internet Works

Instead of paying for cable or DSL and being limited to your home, Clear Internet allows the online connection to follow you wherever you go as long as there is Clear coverage.  It does not require installation or a service visit to your home.  Instead you simply choose a Clear Internet plan, plug in and go.

In terms of services Clear provides you with a number of packages that accommodate different needs.  You can choose to go with a plan that offers both 4G and 3G for better coverage nationwide, Clear coverage for both home and on-the-go, and a newer VoIP service that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet and check your voicemails through your email account.

Clear Internet Plans

Clear Internet offers five different plans which begin with the 4G Home Basic and range to the 4G Home/Mobile/Voice plan.  Here is the lowdown on what you get with each of the five plans:

  • 4G Home Basic:  This plan offers unlimited data usage and is designed for the home user.  It allows you to watch movies on high speed Internet, chat online, send email, and use other applications that require a high speed Internet connection.  You can also opt to get the modem that includes built-in WiFi.
  • Unlimited 4G Mobile:  The unlimited 4G mobile plan is for users on-the-go and provides a Clear USB modem for 4G connectivity to allow you to access high speed Internet regardless of where you are.  The plan also comes with unlimited data usage.
  • 4G/3G Mobile:  Since 3G coverage is still currently wider than 4G this plan will allow you to access both types of connections.  Regardless if you are in an area that offers 3G or 4G you can always stay connected nationwide.  The connection automatically switches from 4G to 3G if you happen to be outside of a 4G coverage area.
  • Get 2 4G Home and Mobile:  Get 2 provides you with 4G service both at home and on-the-go with unlimited data usage.  The plan provides two modems and provides you with an all-around faster connection
  • Get3 4G Home, Mobile, and Voice:  Get 3 offers both home and mobile services plus the VoIP services that allow you to make phone calls over the Internet.  You can use VoIP to videoconference and check your voice mail from your email account.  This plan also offers unlimited data usage.

All plans require a contract with the choice of renting the modem or purchasing it outright.  The modems are available for both the home environment and as a USB modem for mobile access.  For the plans that provide home and on-the-go service you can choose two modems to suit each purpose.  Each plan also requires software installation on your PC to run the wireless modem.

Is Clear Internet Worth It?

If you read the customer reviews online you will find the positive reviews far outweigh any negative ones.  In terms of whether or not Clear Internet is worth considering all depends upon your lifestyle and your Internet connection needs.  If you are on-the-go a high percentage of the time, Clear Internet is awesome for conducting your business on the road and getting things done while you are waiting in line, for your ride, or commuting to and from work.  This time would otherwise be wasted away.

On the other hand, if you only use the Internet at home you still may prefer a faster Internet connection which offers more opportunity for watching programs, saving money on your telephone bill, and being able to videoconference with relatives and friends you rarely get to see.  Using 4G with a home business is a definite plus and will help you get things done faster and more efficiently.  The bottom line is you have to decide whether or not it is worth it based on the type of lifestyle you lead.

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