Netgear Smart Control Center Not Discovering Switch: 6 Fixes

netgear smart control center not discovering switch
netgear smart control center not discovering switch

With the ever-increasing demand for internet and wireless connection, the smart control centers have become pretty famous. It is actually the Windows-based utility with which users can discover the smart switches and manage the firmware updates.

Even more, it helps focus on the IP address assignment. On the other hand, some people say that Netgear smart control center not discovering switch is causing issues for them. So, let’s see how it can be resolved!

Netgear Smart Control Center Not Discovering Switch

1) Reinstallation

First of all, it is suggested that you reinstall the smart control center and try discovering the switches again. As for installation, many people don’t know the correct steps to follow. For that reason, we have lined out the steps that you need to follow, such as;

  • Turn off the firewall on the system that you have installed the smart control center on (that’s because sometimes, the firewall can restrict the discovery of smart switch)
  • Now, start the smart control center by double-clicking the icon
  • It is highly likely to initiate the discovery function itself, but if it doesn’t, press the discover button
  • The smart control center will discover the smart switch and share the model number, MAC address, and IP address

2) Cables

To begin with, if the smart control center is not working properly and not discovering the switches, you need to ensure that cable connections are working properly. In addition, the cable connections must be secure and tightly installed into the router.

3) IP Address

Before we start off with the tech details, keep in mind that the IP address configuration will play an essential role in optimizing the switch discovery. With this being said, you need to check that the IP address configuration of the computer is the same as that of the subnet of the smart switch (the IP address configuration needs to be checked on the computer that has smart control center). In addition, the IP address should be

4) Versions

For everyone who is trying to make the smart control center work and discover the switch, the latest firmware update will work optimally. For this purpose, you need to check the firmware version. We suggest using the firmware version because it’s the latest one out there (there is version, as well). In addition to the firmware version, you need to check the version of the smart control center as well. The latest version is v1.1.3.2 to ensure the switches are discovered properly.

5) Smart Switch Compatibility

If the smart control center is not discovering the switches, you need to understand that only a few versions are supported by smart control centers. To begin with, smart switches like FS728Tv2, FS726T, GS110TP, GS748Tv4, and GS108Tv2 are supported. So, we suggest that you check the switch’s version to make sure it works properly with the smart control center. Furthermore, we suggest that you try to connect the switch directly to the computer and see if it’s discovered!

6) Windows

If you are using a Windows laptop or PC, you need to keep in mind that only specific Windows versions support the smart control center. In this matter, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista support smart control center.

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