6 Ways To Fix Netgear USB Control Center Not Detecting Printer

netgear usb control center not detecting printer
netgear usb control center not detecting printer

For everyone who is using the Netgear router, they would know that the USB control center is one of the most beneficial features. That’s to say because the USB control center helps the user connect the hard drives and USB printers at the back of the router. So, when the Netgear USB Control Center not detecting printer issue can be pretty intimidating. Let’s see how it can be fixed!

How To Fix Netgear USB Control Center Not Detecting Printer?

1. Firmware

Well, we are pretty sure that you like to install the latest firmware to ensure the router works properly. With this being said, there are times when the firmware has bugs that can impact the USB control center functionality. In some cases, some firmware options will adversely impact the compatibility with dated configuration. So, we suggest that you try to flash the firmware on the Netgear router, and the issue will be resolved. Also, before you flash the firmware, we suggest that you save the backup settings.

2. Factory Reset

When you flash the firmware on your Netgear router, you need to ensure that you factory reset the router. For factory resetting the router, you need to locate the reset button on the router and press it for around thirty seconds with the needle or a paperclip. With this being said, once the Netgear router is reset, you will be able to modify the settings, and the USB control center will be streamlined. Once the factory reset is complete, you can easily retrieve the backup settings.

3. Setup

Once you’ve performed the Netgear router reset, we suggest that you perform the new setup. You can log in to the Netgear router through the GUI for the setup. Keep in mind that you will need to set up the router thrice. Once the third setup is complete, the restart will initiate automatically. Once the router starts again, the printer will work optimally through the USB control center.

4. USB Cable

When it comes down to the USB control center not working with the Netgear router, we suggest that you take out the USB cable from the router. Keep it out for a few seconds and insert it again. As a result, we are pretty sure that the printer will work. In addition, we suggest that you replace the USB cable because the damaged cable might impact the overall functionality. Before replacing the USB cable, you need to use the multimeter to check the continuity to make sure it’s the USB cable that has an issue.

5. Customer Support

If you are still unable to use the USB control center and detect the printer, there might be something wrong at the backend. In this case, we suggest that you call Netgear customer support and share the entire issue with them. As a result, they are highly likely to troubleshoot the Netgear router from their end, and the functionality will be resolved.

6. Hardware

In some cases, the USB control center on the Netgear router is not working because there are hardware issues. If this is the case, you will need to replace the router because only that can fix the hardware errors.

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