4 Ways To Fix Netgear Serial Number Not Working

netgear serial number not working
netgear serial number not working

Netgear doesn’t only have some of the best possible hardware options and their state-of-the-art firmware but they are also offering certain after-sales features to add the right value to their products. This also secures them the right customers all over the world because they can trust Netgear for supporting the devices with firmware, bug fixing, errors, and a lot more. These services are available for anyone having a valid serial number that is on each product. If the serial number is not working on the website for you, here is what you need to do.

How To Fix Netgear Serial Number Not Working?

1. Only buy Authentic Netgear Equipment

Well, it goes without saying that Netgear will honor the serial numbers that are validated in the store purchases. The equipment that you are trying to use with the Netgear website and its serial number to access certain features need to be purchased from an authorized store. Any third-party purchases or any stuff that might not be authentic will have fake serial numbers and they will not work on the Netgear website. So, make sure that you check for authenticity before making any purchase decision and do your research before you get in any such transaction with an online store.

2. Wait a bit

You might need to wait a bit if you are certain that the equipment you have purchased is authorized from Netgear at times. There are several issues reported on the Netgear servers that allow you to access free features only for a limited time and they work on the issue to get it resolved on a priority basis. You can try it again in a few hours or a day and that will make sure that you can use your serial number on the website to access all the premium features that you might need to.

3. Tally the serial number

There is also a possibility that you might be making some mistake while typing in the code and that will cause you to face such issues. Luckily, their barcodes and QR codes are scannable now and you will not have to face such issues. However, if you are using some device that might not have the camera, you will need to type in the serial number precisely and be careful about case sensitivity and special characters to ensure that you don’t have to face any such issues with the website.

4. Mind the Wear and Tear

The serial number is often on the packing or a logo placed on the bottom of the equipment. Such logos can be damaged or the printing on them might fade after some time. So, you need to check for that and if you feel like you are missing out on some digits, you will need to contact Netgear Support with your proof of purchase. They will be able to accommodate you with all the right serial numbers from their sales records that you can keep safe and use on the website whenever needed, this will certainly work for you in all manners.

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