Netgear Block Sites Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix

netgear block sites not working
netgear block sites not working

While you are using the wireless routers, we are pretty sure that you would only use them for the internet, but Netgear routers offer much more. For instance, the block sites feature allows the users to block specific websites that you don’t want their family to access. Similarly, some people are struggling with Netgear block sites not working error, and we have outlined the fixes!

Netgear Block Sites Not Working

1) Website Format

In case you are unable to use the site blocking feature on Netgear, you need to understand that it doesn’t work on HTTPS websites. This is because the HTTPS website is encrypted, which means the router won’t be able to visualize the URL. So, if the router cannot see the URL, it won’t be able to block either.

2) IP Address

Rather than choosing the conventional method of blocking the websites, we suggest that you block the websites through the IP address. For this method, you will need to list down the IP addresses of the websites that you need to block. As a result, the sites will be blocked, and connected devices will not load the blocked sites.

3) DNS-Based Filtering

For people who are still trying to block the sites, we suggest that you use DNS-based filtering services, such as Netgear Parental Controls or the OpenDNS. The Netgear Parental Controls are actually the OpenDNS services designed by Netgear. However, for this method, you will need to install the parental control software on each device that uses the wireless connection from Netgear.

On the other hand, for people who need to block the domains, you need to set up the router to utilize DNS servers. In addition, you can use the regular OpenDNS with which users can block 25 domains at a time with a basic package.

4) Firmware

In case you are still unable to use the site blocking feature, you need to ensure that you are using the latest firmware. For checking the firmware, open the official Netgear website and download the firmware for your Netgear router. If the firmware is available, download and install it on your router, and you will be able to use the features again.

5) Correct Features

In some cases, the site-blocking with Netgear doesn’t work because you haven’t switched on the right features. So, if you are using a Netgear router, we suggest that you check the Live Parental Controls and Circle. Both of these features must be enabled on the router, and you will be able to block the desired websites.

6) Services

For people who are using the Netgear Live Parental Controls and OpenDNS Home Basic services at one time, they won’t be able to block the sites. This is because both these services have different filtering mechanisms that make it difficult to use both services at a time. With this being said, you will need to call Netgear and have them remove one service.

7) Customer Support

Well, your last option is to call Netgear support and have them look at your account. They will analyze if something is wrong with your network connection. As a result, they will be able to offer better fixes!

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