5 Troubleshoot Tips For Netgear Router Shows Orange Light Number 2

netgear router orange light number 2
netgear router orange light number 2

Netgear doesn’t need an introduction when it comes down to the internet world because they have exceptional routers available that promise high-end network coverage and reliable wireless connections. Its routers are designed with different LED indicators that help keep an eye on the network status. So, if your router has an orange light number 2, we are sharing the reason behind it and what can be done about it!

Fixing Netgear Router Orange Light Number 2:

The Meaning Of Orange Light Number 2

When the number two light turns orange, it simply means that the Ethernet cable has been plugged into Ethernet port number 2 on the router’s back. In simpler words, it indicates a successful Ethernet cable connection. However, if the internet is slow or isn’t working at all, we have some solutions for you!

  1. Ethernet Cable

If you have established a wired connection, the first step is to access the Ethernet cable and make sure it is tightly connected to the Ethernet port of the router. In addition to a secure connection, you’ve to ensure that there are no cuts on the wire because the cuts can adversely impact the connection and lead to internet performance issues. So, if the wire is damaged, change it and make sure you install it tightly.

  1. Network Interface Card

If the internet is still showing errors, it’s likely that your router’s network interface card is damaged. It is basically a chip that’s installed on the router to make sure it can connect to the network service provided by the internet service provider. However, if the network interface card is damaged, it will fail to create a steady connection, hence the orange light. Since inspecting the card requires hardware handling, it’s best that you hire a professional technician and get the card replaced. Last but not least, the NIC must have a 1Gbps capacity.

  1. Drivers

For Netgear to provide a reliable internet connection, the router must be upgraded with the latest drivers. For this reason, if there is an orange light on the router and the internet is not working, you should download and install the network drivers by accessing the web-based console of the router. In addition to the drivers, make sure that the firmware upgrade is installed as well.

  1. Interference

If you are using the wireless connection with the Netgear router, we recommend that you check for network interference. The router creates signal interference whenever there are multiple wireless devices around the router, such as radio, microwave ovens, and smartphones. The solution is to disconnect these devices or put the router in an open area to optimize the signal distribution.

  1. Power Supply

In most cases, a bad power supply can result in a spotty router connection, which leads to internet connectivity issues as well. For this reason, you should check the power cord and make sure it’s tightly connected to the router and power socket. In case there are cuts or fraying on the power cord, it has to be replaced.

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