NETGEAR R7000 Wired Connection Slow: 3 Ways To Fix

netgear r7000 wired connection slow
netgear r7000 wired connection slow

The internet is an amazing service that comes with tons of features. This is exactly why most people already have a connection at their homes. Though, when it comes to connecting your device to your router. You should note that there are multiple ways that you can go. One option is to wirelessly connect to your network which is quite simple. Additionally, this looks clean and no extra equipment is required.

Though, one drawback for these connections is the loss in speed. This is where our wired connection shines as it provides you with the best possible speeds. However, there are still a few issues that can be found with these connections.

Recently, some Netgear R7000 users have reported getting a slow connection while they were on a wired setup. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some simple troubleshooting steps that should help in fixing this.

NETGEAR R7000 Wired Connection Slow

  1. Upgrade Ethernet Cable

Setting up a wired connection is quite simple as there is no need to configure your device. Though, you must have a working ethernet cable for this. While there are multiple options that you select between when it comes to these wires. This should not matter if you are running a DSL connection with low bandwidth.

However, if your network has a higher speed then you must purchase the best possible ethernet cable. These are usually quite cheap so you will not have to worry about your budget. The reason why these are so important is that using a bad cable can bottleneck your connection’s speed. Considering this, if you have been using an older ethernet wire then that might be why you are getting the issue.

Aside from this, one thing to keep in mind when purchasing an ethernet wire is that these come in different colors. These are usually made to make it easier for people to differentiate between them. However, brands might not follow the standard color code which can make this confusing. This is why to find the best cable for you, it is recommended that you go through the specifications for the product. This should help you in finding the maximum speed your wire can carry when connected to the Netgear R7000.

  1. Damaged Cable

If you are using a new cable that should not bottleneck the speed of your connection. But are still getting the same problem then your wire might be damaged. This is quite common, which is exactly why it is important to look out for it. You can check your cable to see if there are any damages to its exterior. If there are any then you can simply try replacing it with a new one.

Though, if you do not notice any damage on the outside then there is still a chance that the internal wires might be broken or damaged. This usually happens when you bend the cable too much when trying to route it. Alternatively, you might have put a weight on it which can break the weak internal wires of your cable. Talking about this, simply using a new cable will fix the problem for you.

But it is still important that you route your ethernet wire carefully this time. As any bents in it will damage the cable again and give you the same problem. If you want your cable to make a turn then it is recommended that you loop it once to avoid it getting bent too much. Looking out for this should allow you to continue using your ethernet cable for a much longer time.

  1. Check Firmware Version

Finally, if the problem is not from your cable then it is most likely your firmware that is causing this. Recently, Netgear came up with a new firmware for their devices that was supposed to add in new features.

Though, many users complained that it slowed down the speed of their connection instead. To be specific, the problem started from the firmware and continued down the line. Considering this, you can either try going through forums and ask for a new firmware that is now stable. Alternatively, you can install the version for Netgear R7000 which reportedly has no issues with it.

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