4 Quick Solutions To Netgear Page Block By R7000

netgear page block by r7000
netgear page block by r7000

The Netgear R7000 is an exceptional router that comes with a whole lot of features. However, just like any router, you can often run into troubles while using the router. With that being said, we have had plenty of users who were unable to access certain web pages as their router seemingly blocked access. In case you have found yourself facing something similar, and are wondering about how to regain access to a page block by Netgear R7000, then keep on reading! Here are all the ways how you can troubleshoot the issue:

Netgear Page Block By R7000

1. Checking Firewall

If you are unable to access a particular webpage on the internet, one of the first things that we recommend you do is to check the firewall. It is possible that your firewall might be the one responsible for blocking access to the site. Luckily, this can be fixed by simply adding an exception for the webpage in your firewall. Alternatively, you can also try completely turning off your firewall which should also help give you access to the site.

2. Uninstalling Antivirus

In case disabling the firewall wasn’t enough, you can also try turning off your antivirus. Some antiviruses are known to block access to various websites if they detect anything out of the usual. If disabling does not help, you can try fully removing the antivirus by uninstalling the program. Be sure that you reinstall your computer after uninstalling the software so it’s completely removed.

3. Using a VPN

In some cases, using a VPN might also help you gain access to certain websites. It could be that your ISP is responsible for blocking your access to a site. In this case, you will simply have to make use of a VPN. Try using any virtual location or, a simple change in your IP address might also help. Just be sure to use a reliable VPN.

4. Contact Your ISP

At this point, if you are still facing difficulties with the page block, then we strongly advise you to try and get in touch with your ISP. There could be some sort of issue on the backend, or the router may need to be reconfigured. In either case, contacting your ISP should help you get the issue resolved. All you need to do is to brief them about the issue.

The Bottom Line:

Surely, it can be quite annoying to have a blocked page on your Netgear R7000. But there can be plenty of reasons why you might not be able to access a certain page, which also includes a firewall blocking your access. To learn more about why you might not be able to get to a web page, be sure to refer to the article above!

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