3 Steps To Reset Admin Password On Netgear Nighthawk M1

netgear nighthawk m1 reset admin password
netgear nighthawk m1 reset admin password

Netgear is one of the best brands for people who are looking for high-speed and reliable internet devices. While Netgear already has an array of modems and routers available, they have come out with Nighthawk M1, which is a great mobile hotspot device that allows wireless connection for over 20 devices at one time. Just like other internet devices, it also has a default password that should be reset!

Netgear Nighthawk M1 Reset Admin Password

When it comes down to this mobile hotspot device, it uses “admin” as the default password. This password is known by literally everyone, which is why your wireless connection is at risk of getting hijacked. For this reason, people change the network password but there are cases when they end up forgetting the password and have to reset the password to admin. To reset the password, check out the following instructions;

  1. Turn on your Nighthawk M1 device and make sure the display screen is turned on
  2. Now, check for the reset button and press it with a straight paperclip for around fifteen to thirty seconds
  3. As a result, the settings will be reset and the password will be reset as well

When the device is reset, you will be able to use “admin” as the password and username. That being said, signing in to the wireless network will be easier. In fact, when you reset the password, you don’t need to increase the breathing rate either.

Importance Of Changing The Password

At this point, we have shared that changing the password is important. Even after you change the default password, it’s important to customize the password again, given the following reasons;

Default Password Is Public

Admin is the default password for the majority of internet routers and hotspot devices, which is known by everyone. That being said, it means that anyone can hijack your internet connection which not only slows down the internet connection by consuming the internet bandwidth but also eats up the available data. For this reason, you must change the wireless network’s password to make sure the internet connection is private and isn’t being accessed by the public.

Chances Of Cyberthreats

If the public knows that admin is the default password, it’s needless to say that the hackers will know the password as well. Having said that, since you use M1 to connect multiple devices if hackers gain control of the wireless network, they will be able to hack into all the connected devices. For this purpose, you must opt for a strong password to make sure the hackers cannot access the network and the connected devices.

Tips To Set The Password

It’s pretty obvious that changing the password is essential for security purposes but the password should be strong as well. For this purpose, you must ensure that the password is a combination of symbols, numerical values, and alphabets to make sure it’s hard to hack. In addition, the password must be at least 12 characters long. Last but not least, never use your date of birth or bank account number as a password.

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