Netgear N750 Reviews – Is It Worth It?

netgear n750 reviews
netgear n750 reviews

A router is an important part of the internet infrastructure, and which router you are using can directly influence the internet speed. One of the best routers is Netgear N750 because of the advanced technology and big brand name, of course. However, before you invest hundreds of dollars in purchasing this router, we have the Netgear N750 reviews mentioned in this post!

Netgear N750 Reviews

This is a dual-band router that’s meant to offer top-notch Wi-Fi speed and offers reasonable wireless coverage. In fact, it’s a perfect router for large-scale and medium-scale residencies, and it can support multiple devices connected to the internet network. This router is fast enough to stream HD videos and offers an optimized online gaming experience. It is integrated with the security protocols and can be used with the Netgear Genie app for controlling the router.

Netgear N750 router allocates optimum internet speed. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this router can easily support a 750Mbps connection, particularly because there are two wireless channels designed with it. Every wireless channel has the capacity of clocking around 450Mbps and 300Mbps connection, which calculates into 750Mbps speed. As far as the wireless coverage is concerned, it’s pretty decent, and it won’t have a problem supporting medium-scale homes.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger home, proper placement of the router will help optimize the internet connection. On top of everything, it is IPv6 compatible router, which makes it a promising choice. With all this information, it’s needless to say that a router will be able to deliver reasonable internet performance. In simpler words, it comes with an affordable price tag and offers a promising wireless performance.

1. Connectivity

When it comes down to the 2.4GHz channel, this router will be able to provide a fast internet throughput. On the other hand, a 5GHz channel has the capacity of achieving 450Mbps internet speed, particularly if the device is within 10ft to 15ft.

2. Design

As we are talking about the router, it’s evident that it will be an important part of the home and how it looks makes a great impact. To begin with, it can easily fit on the shelf with your books, given the sleek and compact design. In addition, it is integrated with a vertical base that promises a minimal footprint. It can be installed in vertical as well as horizontal positions, and it can also be mounted to the wall.

In addition to the aesthetic designs, one needs to consider the jacks and ports. The router is designed with gigabit Ethernet support, and there are five ports. There are four LAN ports and one WAN port, which makes it suitable to be used with the modem. Moreover, it has a USB port along with various LED light that helps keep an eye on the status of the internet connection.

Netgear N750 also comes with the WPS button, which helps connect the clients to an internet network without passing through the security protocol. It has the capacity of broadcasting 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz bands, which drastically improves the internet throughput. In addition, it has two guest network access, making it suitable when you want others to have access to a temporary connection.

When it comes down to device support, this router has the capacity of supporting over 64 devices at one time because every band can support over 32 devices. Honestly, this device support is pretty amazing, particularly with the affordable tag.

3. Security

It is needless to say that security is one of the most important factors whenever you have to choose a router. This is because it can directly influence the user’s security. Some of the security standards integrated into this router include WEP, WPA2, and WPA. So, whenever you get your hands on this router, make sure that you switch on these security features to make sure there are no network intrusions and security issues.

In addition, it can work fine with Windows SMB software and support the file-sharing function. This means that it will be incredibly easy to share files. On top of everything, it is compatible with dynamic DNS service, which allows the users to access data pretty easily.

To summarize, it’s a pretty great router if you want a reliable internet speed, and we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get this router.

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