How To Disable Guest Network on Netgear Router

how to disable guest network on netgear router
how to disable guest network on netgear router

Having an internet connection at your home has become a necessity nowadays. Although, when it comes to choosing an ISP service. There are tons of options that you can choose between. Additionally, each of these brands has numerous packages that you can select from. Considering this, you might be confused at first when looking at all of these.

Although, another thing that many people forget about is their router and networking devices. Just like you must select a good ISP for yourself. Purchasing good equipment for your network is also essential to keep it in its best condition. Talking about this, Netgear is one of the best companies that you can go for when it comes to these devices.


Netgear is originally a company based in California. But they have now spread out to over 25 other countries. The brand is known for manufacturing some of the best networking hardware that can be used both at your home or in businesses.

These devices include routers, network adapters, modems, and similar equipment. If you are interested in trying out their products then visit their website. This should include all the devices available as well as all of their features. This should make it easier for you to select one for yourself.

How to Disable Guest Network on Netgear Router?

Netgear routers are known for their amazing features. These will increase the speed of your connection as well as ensure that there are no problems with it. Talking about this, one useful feature is the ability to add guest networks to your router. This is used to add a network that can be used while you have guests. Keeping the connection separate ensures that your data is kept safe and you can even set the configurations for these networks separately.

Although, in some cases, people might want to disable this feature on their Netgear router. Considering this, you should note that the service is disabled by default. But if you had enabled it then it can easily be deactivated again. You will have to login into your router for this. You can use your credentials to log in here but make sure that you use the router details and not your networks.

Different models might have variating control panels. Though, you should still be able to find the guest network tab. If you are still having trouble then you can even use the search bar provided on the panel. Once you find the guest network settings, you can click on disable to switch it off. Aside from this, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

If you were having issues with your bandwidth being limited. Then you can even set a limit on your guest network to ensure it does not drain all your speed. Finally, if you are still having trouble trying to disable the guest network on your Netgear router. Then one option is to reset the device. This will bring it back to its factory default state, removing any changes that had been made to it.

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