Netgear LM1200 vs LB1120 – The Better Option?

netgear lm1200 vs lb1120
netgear lm1200 vs lb1120

When it comes to Netgear products, you can expect stability and dependability. Whether they are wireless Wi-Fi routers, modems, or LTE supervised devices, the priority is connection stability and device performance.

Netgear’s LTE modems series has been in high demand, and users have been comparing the Netgear LM1200 vs LB1120 due to their scalability and performance. Even though they are both excellent in their respective fields, one of them must come to the top. As a result, in this article, we will provide a general Netgear LM1200 vs LB1120 comparison.

Netgear LM1200 vs LB1120 Comparison

Netgear LM1200:

If you live in an area where DSL or fixed cable broadband connections are unavailable, the Netgear LM1200 will provide you with excellent internet speed with its 4G LTE.  These 4G speeds will boost your broadband speeds and allow you to connect to your wireless network via an LTE network. You can also use its Ethernet port to extend your wired network. The LM1200 is compatible with three major LTE carriers. Leading network carriers include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. With a great 150Mbps of downlink speed and a consistent 50Mbps of uplink speed, you can expect great internet performance.

The 4G-assisted LTE modem maintains a consistent and dependable connection with its clients. Furthermore, the modem’s plug-and-play technology makes it easy to use as well as the flexibility provided by good networking products modem benefits users. Having said that, you can easily pair your LM1200 modem with any secondary router. With its 2×2 internal or external MU-MIMO protocol, it allows you to connect multiple devices to your network. These features increase the capacity as well as the network’s performance.

Aside from that, the device is built to assist both router and modem modes, allowing you to shift between them based on your network needs. The LM1200 has a modern and compact design that allows it to be easily seated on computer tables or shelves. This device is 4.56 x 4.56 x 1.27 inches in size and will fit comfortably into any home or business environment. In terms of hardware, two TS9 ports are available for connecting external antennas to extend your LTE network. Using an external USB port, you can easily connect your modem to power.

Netgear LB1120:

Because it lacks certain technological advancements, the LB1120 is an older device when compared to the LM1200. Unlike the LM1200, the LB1120 supports 4G LTE however, it also supports 2G LTE, which the LM1200 does not offer. Because the newer model supports LTE CAT 4 bands, the LB1120 will not provide you with a high-speed internet connection, but it will provide you with a stable and reliable network when connecting to multiple devices via its B2 B4 B5, and B12 LTE CAT.

The LB1120 uses a standard power adapter, whereas the LM1200 uses a USB power adapter. Even though the LB1120 is not a heavily modified version of the LTE modem, it performs all of the functions expected of an LTE modem. The modem has one gigabit WAN port, which allows you to expand the capacity of your network. Similar to the LM1200, has two TS9 RF antenna connectors for connecting an external antenna. The type of SIM card that either of them uses, however, is a significant difference. A 3FF sim card is supported by the LB1120, while a 4FF sim card is supported by the LM1200. The only difference in performance between the two is that the LB1120 uses a micro sim card while the LM1200 uses a higher quality Nano 4FF sim card. The LB1120 is ideal for rural areas or areas with poor internet service. To provide the best coverage, this LTE modem is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon mobile carriers.

The Final Verdict:

The LB1120 and LM1200 are both excellent choices for an LTE network solution. However, with the new lm1220 model, you can expect good data rates and automatic failover support, which allows you to stay connected to the network even if your wired internet goes down. Because the price difference is not significant, you can choose either one based on your internet needs.

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