Netgear Insight vs UniFi – Which Brand Is Better?

netgear insight vs unifi
netgear insight vs unifi

With the internet becoming more and more important, users have to install an array of networking devices and equipment to ensure sufficient internet coverage. However, controlling all these routers, network switches, and access points can be challenging for the users but different network and internet-based companies are offering management apps. For this reason, we are sharing Netgear Insight vs. UniFi Controller comparison to see which one is better for controlling the networking equipment!

Netgear Insight vs UniFi (Comparison)

Netgear Insight

Netgear Insight is a well-known management application that allows users to have autonomous control over their Netgear devices. The users will be able to configure and monitor the internet devices, including switches, wireless access points, and storage devices. The device management can be done through the smartphone app and cloud portal. The cloud portal allows the users to access the services, such as top performance, business scalability, software integration, and flexibility.

The cloud portal also improves collaboration. On the other hand, the mobile app can be used to secure the network and monitor who is getting access to the networking system. In addition, it can help prioritize the use of the internet and network resources. In addition, the users can set up parental controls. Since the control and management features are diverse, it’s not available for free and there are two paid plans available.

As far as the device support is concerned, it supports various switches, such as GC110, GC110P, GC752X, GC752XP, GC728XP, and more. However, when it comes down to the access points, it only supports WAC505 and WAC510 models. It has been designed to offer management across different remote locations and device setup and configuration are extremely simple. With the premium plan, the users can register the new devices with a tap of a button.

As far as the internet and network insights are concerned, you will get push and email notifications to make sure you understand what’s going on with the network. In addition, you will get on-time alerts if the firmware upgrade needs to be done. We have already mentioned that the plans are all paid but you can get a 30-days free trial period, so you can determine if the subscription is worth it.


  • Single password for complete network management
  • Full monitoring
  • Allows to set the upload and download speed limits
  • Versatile app
  • Advanced controls
  • Remote usage


  • Cloud portal is only available in the premium plan
  • Fewer device support

UniFi Controller

The UniFi Controller app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It allows the users to control and manage over three networking devices, including the hub, switch, and access points. There is an SDN (software-defined networking) platform, which means you can devices from different locations from one interface. In addition, there are cloud and local options available for easier adjustments to the settings and configurations.

With the Unifi Controller app, the users can gain information about the network speeds and you will be able to see the devices connected to the network. In addition, there is a channel location option and you can configure the devices to the less crowded wireless channels. Unifi is offering advanced security features and the security details are saved on the hardware rather than cloud servers, promising better security standards. Also, the security features are available for free.

In case you are concerned about the device support, airMAX access points are supported and the devices under the EdgeMax are supported, including the switches and routers. In simpler words, the Unifi Controller app offers more device support as compared to Netgear. The best thing about this controller app is that you can set up the security features and optimize the device configuration. In simpler words, it offers comprehensive management control.

It offers scalability, reliability, and top-notch management. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it offers seamless networking features and helps set up advanced security. In addition, the users will be able to create network segments to control the security standards and manage the network traffic. On top of everything, it supports all devices, including dual-band devices.


  • Single-site deployment
  • Hybrid cloud features
  • Advanced network segmentation
  • Scalable network
  • Advanced security


  • None

All in all, Unifi is a better choice since it has wider device support and there are no cons, so the choice is clear!

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