Netgear CM500 vs The Motorola MB7420 – Better Choice?

netgear cm500 vs motorola mb7420
netgear cm500 vs motorola mb7420

Cable modems have become the ultimate need for people who want to establish an Ethernet connection for their streaming and gaming experience. However, selecting a suitable and feature-rich cable modem can be extremely challenging, and selecting between Netgear CM500 vs the Motorola MB7420 is especially difficult. So, we are here to outline the significant features of these modems!

Netgear CM500 vs Motorola MB7420 Comparison

Netgear CM500

This is a high-speed modem that’s designed with DOCSIS 3.0 internet standard to make sure it works with Time Warner Cable and Comcast Xfinity. This is a great choice for people who want to get rid of monthly renting charges of the modems as it’s integrated with security, high-end connectivity, and top-notch firmware. It is designed to reach an internet speed of over 680Mbps, which makes it 16x faster as compared to DOCSIS 2.0 modems.

As a result, the gaming and HD streaming will be easy, and there is an Ethernet port to ensure seamless transmission of the internet signals to the local network. There are four upstream channels and sixteen downstream channels available in the cable modem that streamlines the network performance. In addition, the cable modem has a NOR flash of 8MB as well as 128MB of RAM, which improves the overall speed. The Ethernet port comes with auto-sensing technology to automate the internet connection.

Netgear CM500 has been designed with IPv6 internet support that actually makes the internet connection reliable, and the installation is extremely quick and convenient because you don’t need to use the CDs. It has advanced QoS feature available that optimize the internet quality and makes sure the internet signals are high-speed. The modem weighs around 0.62lb, which makes it one of the most lightweight modems you can find.

When you purchase the cable modem, the box will also include the Ethernet cable, power adapter, and an installation guide to make sure the setup is quick. The modem is known for its all-black color and has a glossy plastic finish – the side panel has the embossed logo, which looks amazing. In addition, it can be mounted in the upright position, and the compact form makes it suitable for every home. On top of everything, there are cooling vents to keep the modem working at an optimal temperature – no overheating!

Motorola MB7420

If you have been on the lookout for a compact cable modem, Motorola MB7420 is one of the most reliable cable modems out there. It has the capacity of reaching over 300Mbps internet speed, so you can ensure seamless connectivity with the Ethernet cable. The features are convenient to use, but you won’t find it suitable if you have subscribed to a high-speed internet plan. The modem has a DOCSIS 3.0 internet standard, which is why it works with internet plans over 300Mbps, but you can achieve 400Mbps speed with a Comcast internet plan.

When it comes down to the maximum speed, Motorola MB7420 can reach the maximum internet speed of 123Mbps on the upstream channel and 686Mbps on the downstream channel. The cable modem is easy to use and has a quick setup, given the user-friendly design. The modem’s back is color-coded, and the ports and inputs are properly labeled to ensure seamless wiring connections. As far as the ports are concerned, there are gigabit Ethernet port, power port, and coaxial connection.

The backside of the cable modem also has a reset and power button, which obviously comes in handy. The Ethernet and coaxial ports of the cable modem are placed on the back panel’s bottom, which does a great job because the unit is lightweight and prevents knock-over of the modem. However, it is suggested to install the cable modem in a vertical position because there are ventilation panels on the side to prevent overheating.

The cable modem comes with multiple accessories, which helps streamline the physical installation of the modem. For instance, it has a yellow Ethernet cable and a wrench for tightening up the Ethernet connection. In addition, it comes with a cord strap to make sure the wires are organized. The cable modem has a two-year warranty, which is actually the longest you can get. Overall, it’s a great modem and promises nothing but convenience to the users!

So, which of these brands will you choose for your cable internet connection?

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