4 Things To Know About Netgear CM500 Downstream Blinking

netgear cm500 downstream blinkingNetgear has been making some top-notch cable modems in the past, and the CM500 cable modem is one of the best options. Designed with 3.0 internet standard, this cable modem is designed to achieve the 680Mbps internet speed on the downstream channel. The downstream channel blinks when it’s trying to transmit the data packets, but it stabilizes when the data transmission is complete. However, many people have complained about Netgear CM500 downstream blinking constantly, which is why we are sharing the troubleshooting steps for you!

Netgear CM500 Downstream Blinking

1. Internet Plan

To begin with, you need to check the internet plan. This is because one needs a high-speed internet plan to work with this specific Netgear cable modem. Having said that, if you have subscribed to a mid-range internet plan, you will not be able to use the cable modem, and the downstream channel light will keep blinking. So, it’s time you switch to a high-speed internet plan. On the other hand, if you have already subscribed to a suitable internet plan, there are chances that you have consumed the provided data. In that case, you will have to renew the internet plan to streamline the downstream channel connectivity.

2. Line Splitters

It is common for internet users to integrate a line splitter into the cables. In particular, they do it to extend the internet connectivity for multiple devices. However, the Netgear CM500 cable modem cannot support more than one wired internet connection, which is why it’s suggested to disconnect the line connectors. For the most part, the cable line splitters are installed between the ISP and modem service box, so check out the network installation and remove such connectors. In addition to the connectors, you should remove the surge protectors as well.

3. Cable

When it comes down to the wired internet connection, it is needless to say that internet connectivity depends on the cable you are using. Having said that, if the internet cable is damaged, it won’t be able to transmit the internet signals, hence blinking on the downstream channels. That being said, you need to inspect the cable for exterior damaged and internal damage. If there are some significant damages, you must remove the cable and replace it with a new one before initiating the internet connection. In particular, we are talking about the RG6 coax cable that’s connected to the cable modem. Last but not least, you should always use a high-quality cable to ensure seamless data transmission.

4. Reboot

If nothing seems to stop the constant blinking of the downstream channel, we suggest that you just reboot the cable modem. Rebooting is quite convenient as you only have to remove the power cord for a few minutes, let it cool down, and then reconnect your modem to the power source. When the cable modem turns on, just wait for a few minutes as it needs some time to establish the connection.

To summarize, these four are the potential solutions that can stop the downstream light from blinking. However, you can also try changing the internet channel or just communicate the issue with the internet service provider.

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