Netgear CM1000 All Lights Blinking (3 Things To Know)

netgear cm1000 all lights blinking
netgear cm1000 all lights blinking

Netgear has an array of wireless routers available, but they have an extensive range of cable modems available as well. One of the best cable modems includes Netgear CM1000, which allows users to create a wired or Ethernet internet connection. However, various users have complained about Netgear CM1000 all lights blinking, so let’s check out the solutions!

All Lights Blinking On Netgear CM1000 – What Does It Mean?

When all the lights start blinking on the cable modem, it simply indicates that the cable modem is having a hard time picking up the signals. As a result, it will become challenging to access the internet because the modem won’t be able to connect to the internet. Ideally, the lights should be solid and green, so let’s see which solutions you can try.

1. Cables

First of all, you have to check all the cables connected to the modem. Since this is the cable modem, incorrect or loose connections and damaged cables can adversely impact the connectivity. For this reason, you must ensure that the cable connections are secure and tight. In case the cables are already tight, it’s likely that you have connected them to the wrong ports (you can check the user manual to determine the correct ports). In addition to this, you must ensure that the ports are working well and aren’t damaged because damaged ports can interrupt the connections.

2. Power Cycle Your Modem

If the cables and ports are already correct, you have to power cycle the modem to make sure the system bugs don’t interfere with the internet connection. For power cycling the modem, you have to shut down all the devices connected to the modem as well as the modem. Once the devices are shut down, wait for two minutes and turn on the modem. When the modem is turned on and the lights are stabilized, turn on other devices and connect them to the modem through the cables. Last but not least, if you were using the router, it’s best that you reboot the router as well.

3. Ethernet Cable

In the first part of the article, we shared information about checking the power cords. However, since this cable modem creates a wired internet connection, you have to check the Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable is responsible for transmitting the internet signals from the modem to the device you’ve connected to the internet. First of all, you must ensure that the Ethernet cable is tightly connected to the Ethernet port and make sure they are in intact form (there must be no fraying, bends, or other physical damage).

On the other hand, if the Ethernet cable is already intact and is securely connected to the port, you must ensure that the devices have DSL line filters. That’s because the DSL line filters help block interference associated with the DSL signals. However, the modem should be unfiltered.

The modem lights must be stable to ensure a stable internet connection, and if the lights are flashing, you have to try these steps. However, if there are still some internet issues, you’ve to contact Netgear customer support!

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