Netgear Nighthawk All Lights Flashing? (4 Steps To Fix)

netgear nighthawk all lights flashing
netgear nighthawk all lights flashing

Netgear Nighthawk is one of the most reliable ranges when it comes down to routers. That’s because the routers designed in this range are designed with exceptional signal reception and broadcasting, which helps improve the internet speed. However, if you are using the Nighthawk router and all lights are flashing on the router, let’s see how it can be fixed!

Netgear Nighthawk All Lights Flashing

The LED lights on the router are designed to show internet status and data transmission progress. These lights should be solid when the internet connection is reliable. On the other hand, when these lights start flashing, it simply means that the internet connection is slow or hindered, so let’s see how you can turn these flashing lights into solid lights!

1. Reboot

First of all, you have to reboot your router as well as the modem because it helps reset the bad settings and make sure the internet connection gets a new start. For the reboot, you’ve to disconnect the router and modem by taking out the power cable and keeping them disconnected for a few seconds and reconnecting them. Once both these devices are turned on after the reboot, connect your devices to the internet, and it will work fine – don’t worry, the lights will stabilize as well.

2. Ethernet Cable

If the reboot hasn’t stabilized the lights and the internet is still not working, we recommend that you get rid of the wireless connection and opt for an Ethernet connection. For this purpose, you can opt for an Ethernet cable as it’s a direct way of connecting your devices to the internet and eliminating internet-related interferences. The Ethernet cables promise a more stable internet connection as compared to Wi-Fi. So, just disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and plug it directly into the PC, laptop, or gaming console.

On the other hand, if you are already using the Ethernet cable and the internet isn’t working (the lights are flashing), there are high chances that the Ethernet cables are damaged. It’s better to replace the damaged Ethernet cables with new ones and make sure they are tightly connected to the Ethernet ports. Not to forget, you must check the Ethernet port to ensure it’s not rusted or damaged because it can negatively impact the Ethernet connection.

3. Firewall

It’s needless to say that the firewall is a great security feature, but it can often lead to flashing light issues and interrupt the wireless internet connection. So, if the lights are flashing, we recommend that you disable the firewall temporarily to make sure the internet works properly and creates no connectivity errors. Once the router has an error-free connection and the lights have stabilized, you can enable the firewall again to optimize the security settings.

4. Router Settings

In some cases, the lights start flashing on the Nighthawk router when there is something wrong with the router settings. To be honest, changing the settings manually can be challenging, which is why you should reset the wireless internet settings to make sure there are no incorrect configurations. In addition to this, the secondary and primary DNS servers must be set up properly – you can call the internet service provider for this.

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