Eero Solid Blue But Not Pairing (6 Solutions)

eero solid blue but not pairing
eero solid blue but not pairing

Eero plays an important role in expanding the network coverage given the mesh system. It’s a popular and widely acclaimed home Wi-Fi system that can connect multiple devices to offer a secure wireless internet connection to multiple devices at home. However, the devices need to be paired with eero to establish a consistent network. So, if the eero has a solid blue light but it’s not pairing, we are sharing some solutions that can complete the pairing process.

Eero Solid Blue But Not Pairing

1. Bluetooth

When it comes down to pairing, the eero leverages the Bluetooth feature to connect with the devices. For this reason, if you haven’t enabled Bluetooth on the devices that you have to pair with the eero device, open the device settings and enable the Bluetooth function. Once the Bluetooth is turned on eero as well as the other device, reinitialize the pairing process, and it will connect without any error.

2. Power Cycle The Gateway

The gateway eero is an essential component of the eero network as it’s the primary device on the network which is connected to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. However, if there are some configuration errors in the gateway, it will fail to complete the pairing process. That being said, we suggest that you switch off the gateway and turn it on after five minutes. Once the gateway is switched on, wait for two minutes to make sure it turns on properly.

3. Power Cycle The Modem

The next step is to power cycle the modem. If your modem is designed with a power button, you can simply turn it off and wait for thirty seconds before you turn it on. On the other hand, if there is no power button, you can follow the same method by unplugging the power cord. Anyhow, once the modem is turned on, wait for the LED indicators to stabilize. Once the lights stabilize, the modem is connected to the network, and you can continue the pairing process.

4. Bridge Mode

A bridge mode is one of the best features for allowing two routers to connect together. It will increase the data transfer speed, and the internet performance will be enhanced. That being said, you can turn on the bridge mode on the modem and router devices to make sure the pairing process is completed. In case you don’t know how to enable the bridge mode, check the modem and router manual to gain information.

5. Internet Speed

It’s needless to say that eero will utilize Bluetooth for pairing the devices, but they also need an active internet connection. That being said, you need to check the internet speed, and if it’s slower than the subscribed package, call your internet service provider to retrieve the internet speed. In addition to this, you can try connecting your modem to the eero device with the help of an Ethernet cable.

6. Call Eero

Last but not least, if the pairing is still not complete, we suggest that you call eero customer support and have them troubleshoot your connection and redo the pairing process.

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