7 Methods For Resolving Eero Wi-Fi Problems

eero wifi problems
eero wifi problems

Eero has gained great popularity in the networking and internet industry because they have high-end internet routers and modems available. It is needless to say that eero promises seamless wireless connectivity to the users. However, eero Wi-Fi problems are also common. So, with this article, we are sharing how you can optimize the Wi-Fi connection and get your internet connection back on track!

Common Eero Wi-Fi Problems

1. Check The Gateway Connection

First of all, you must check the gateway connection and make sure it is connected to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cord. The Ethernet cord is provided in the eero product box, and you must use it. Make sure that the Ethernet cord is clipped into the eero gateway, and it must be securely connected to the Ethernet ports on the modem.

You will be particular about using the correct port on the modem. If you are using a regular modem, you can use the internet or WAN port to connect the Ethernet cord. On the other hand, if you are using the modem/router combo unit, use the LAN port.

2. Power Cycle The Modem

If you can find the on/off switch on your modem, you need to turn off the modem and wait for thirty seconds. Then, switch on the modem after the rest. On the other hand, if you cannot the on/off button on the modem, take out the power cord for thirty seconds to complete the power cycle process. You must wait for a few seconds to make sure the modem’s display lights are stabilized. Once these lights are stabilized, the Wi-Fi connection will work properly.

3. Power Cycle The Eero

Another thing that you can try is to power cycle the eeros by taking out the power cable from the back of the eero devices. When you take out the cables, wait for thirty seconds and then reconnect them. This step will help improve the wireless connection, and the connectivity errors will be fixed. In particular, during the power cycle, the LED will be solid white, but it will start flashing when the power cycle is complete – it’s a sign that the internet connection is working fine.

In case you are using the Ring Alarm Pro by eero, you need to know that this unit is designed with an internal battery, which means you have to take out the battery to power cycle the device.

4. WPA3

While security is an important aspect of internet connections, some security protocols can interfere with the internet connection and reduce the wireless connectivity performance. In the majority of cases, the WPA3 feature on the router settings causes wireless internet issues. Having said that, you need to switch off this security protocol. For this purpose, you can open the eero app, choose the discover section, and disable the WPA3 option.

5. Cables

When it comes down to wireless connections, many people think that the wires and cables don’t matter. However, it’s a wrong concept since cables transmit the internet signals from the main line to the home’s line. That being said, you must check the cables and make sure they are tightly connected to the ports of your internet devices. On the other hand, if there are loose connections, you must check the cables for fraying and damage – in case the cables aren’t in intact form, you have to get them replaced to make sure the internet signal transmission is working well.

6. Location

You need to check the location of your eero modem or router because if these devices are installed too far away, there will be drops in the internet connection that can be resolved. Having said that, if that’s the case with you, you need to move the eero modem or router closer to the devices which you have to use the internet connection. When the devices come together, the internet connection will be much faster, promising a better wireless experience.

7. Interferences

It is common for wireless connections to have signal interferences, but they aren’t challenging to fix. The simplest solution is to remove the other wireless devices from around the eero device to prevent signal conflict. In addition to the wireless devices, you should remove the metal devices as well.

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