Acer Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 5 Fixes

acer laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi
acer laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi

If you are a millennial, there are higher chances that your first laptop was Acer. However, the Acer laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi has always been an issue. Truth be told, the Wi-Fi connection issues with a laptop can be frustrating. With this article, there are solutions for fixing the Wi-Fi disconnection issue!

Acer Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

1) Power Save Mode

We all want to save on battery, but the power save mode can impact network connectivity. If your Acer laptop is switched to power save mode, it can be the reason behind Wi-Fi connectivity. That being said, you have to switch off the power save mode, and we have the instructions mentioned below;

  • First of all, you’ve to open the control panel from the start
  • From the control panel, tap on the classic view and click on the system option
  • Then, choose hardware and move to device manager
  • On the left side of network adapters, press on the + sign
  • Now, click on Atheros option (double-click will work better)
  • Then, click on the advanced tab and choose the power save mode
  • From the power save mode, you have to toggle it off and press the OK button

2) Reinstall Wi-Fi Drivers

The Wi-Fi drivers are responsible for streamlining the internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connection. If you are using the Acer laptop and have Wi-Fi disconnection issues, you have to delete the Wi-Fi drivers and reinstall it after some time. It is better that you reboot the laptop after deleting the Wi-Fi adapter and then install it again. It’s certain that the re-installation of the Wi-Fi driver will optimize the Wi-Fi connectivity.

3) Wired Connection

If reinstalling the Wi-Fi drivers didn’t fix the Wi-Fi connectivity and you need the internet connection immediately, you can opt for a wired connection. For using the wired connection, you have to disable the WLAN or Wi-Fi adapter. For disabling the adapters, you need to open the device manager and press on the network adapter folder.

From the network adapter folder, you have to right-click on the WLAN adapter or Wi-Fi adapter and press the disable button. Once the adapter is disabled, you can switch to the wired internet or ethernet connection. The ethernet connection will eliminate the disruptions in the internet signals. As a result, you won’t have to struggle with the dysconnectivity issue.

4) Windows Updates

When you are using the Acer laptop, you must stay ahead of updating the Windows. The Windows update will streamline the network connectivity. The updates in Windows operating system can fix the bugs and errors that are causing the Wi-Fi disconnection errors. So, you must check the Windows update and download it if available.

5) Slow Internet

In case your Acer laptop is still disconnecting from the Wi-Fi connection, it’s likely that the internet connection is slow. The slow internet will have more chances of disconnection. In that case, the internet router must be rebooted because a reboot will fix the Wi-Fi signals (it makes them stronger). If the reboot doesn’t work, you have to talk to the internet service provider and ask them to fix the slow internet issue.

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