Midcontinent Internet Reviews (Key Features)

midcontinent internet reviews
midcontinent internet reviews

Midcontinent (MIDCO) is an internet, television, and telephone service provider that serves both rural and urban areas. With 300,000 customers, it is a popular purchase among users, but the ratings are not as interesting as they should be. It is a good option when it comes to high-speed internet and amazing data bundles, but before we make any judgments, let us take a closer look at its internet services.

In this article, we will discuss Midcontinent internet reviews so that if any of you are considering purchasing this service, you will have a good idea of its capabilities and shortcomings.

Midcontinent Internet Reviews

  1. Overview:

When it comes to speed, Midco is an excellent choice. As an active internet user, you understand the desire for faster data rates and faster speeds to ensure a smooth performance. So you request it, and Midco has it. It will provide you with some of the fastest data speeds on their data bundles for optimal performance. Their service, however, is somewhat limited. This is a disadvantage for both the company and the clients, so you must first check their availability before purchasing their service.

  1. Performance:

Midco internet has excellent upload and download speeds, as previously stated. Even though its download speeds are average, its upload speeds are a plus, making it a good competitor among other internet services. Midco offers download speeds of up to 200Mbps. Additionally, upload speeds can range from 3Mbbps to 20Mbps. Aside from that, Midco supports 5G speeds, making it a good option for devices that support 5G. Furthermore, its fiber-based internet technology makes web browsing, online gaming, and video streaming simple.

However, there are some drawbacks to the good. That being said, the main shortcoming of the Midco internet is a lack of antivirus protection. When it comes to internet services, great speeds and performance are required, but if the network is not protected, it appears that everything fails. Because networking competition is increasing, businesses are working harder to provide their clients with the best features, including advanced security. Having no antivirus protection appears to be a significant compromise that you may be unprepared for. This is why users may opt for a more expensive service that provides adequate protection.

  1. Bundling:

Midco offers data bundles to its customers, allowing them to purchase a package that meets their needs at a reasonable price. Though users have complained that the service is a little pricey, the data packages are worth purchasing if you live in an area with limited Wi-Fi speed options.

Midco’s top-tier data packages include MidcoXstream 25, which provides a total of 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds. The MidcoXstream 75 has a total download speed of 75Mbps and an upload speed of 7Mbps. The MidcoXstream 120 provides an incredible 120 Mbps download and 12 Mbps upload speed, while the MidcoXstream 200 provides an incredible 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed. This ensures increased online activity with no lag. If you upload photos and videos to the internet, the upload speeds provided by Midco are a huge benefit.

  1. Customer care:

Customer service should be a company priority. You don’t want your customers hanging up on you when they have problems with your services, so a good company should have good communication and support services for their customers. Midco, unfortunately, lags in this regard. Midco’s customer service, as reported by users, is inadequate. You will have difficulty contacting them and getting your issues resolved because they do not respond. With other companies providing 24/7 customer service, this is a major turn-off.

The Bottom Line:

If your only concern is speed and bundling options, Midco is a good choice. However, due to its lack of security, the service is costly in this regard. If you live in the northern plains of Dakota, you may find good data rates, but their service is not as extensive in other areas. So, if possible, find another option with more security features and better customer support.

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