Eero Beacon Night Light Blinking (4 Reasons)

eero beacon night light blinking
eero beacon night light blinking

Eero is one of the best wireless mesh systems that promise extensive wireless internet coverage, and the beacons are designed to extend the wireless connection. The beacon is integrated with advanced Wi-Fi technology, which can be added to the mesh network for extending the internet coverage, irrespective of which router you are using. Ranging from first-generation routers to second-generation routers and third-generation routers, the beacon can be connected to all of them.

Eero Beacon Night light Blinking

The night light on the eero beacon is placed on the bottom side. The beacon is integrated with two lights; one small light on the front shows if the beacon is working properly or not. This front light has a steady white appearance when it’s working well. On the other hand, the nightlight is placed on the bottom and can be turned off from the app. However, the eero users have often complained about night light blinking. It blinks in different colors, and all of them have different meanings, so let’s check out the details;

1. Blinking White

The blinking white light shows that the eero software is starting up or is trying to connect to the internet connection. Keep in mind that eero launches regular software and network updates, which are usually automatically updated. For the most part, it takes around five to ten minutes to complete the update installation. On the other hand, establishing the internet connection will also take a few minutes. So, if the nightlight is blinking white, you have to wait for the update or internet connection process to complete.

2. Blinking Blue

The nightlight blinks in blue color on the eero beacon when there is broadcasting Bluetooth. In case you have connected some wireless device to the eero router, there are chances that the router is trying to establish a Bluetooth connection. Usually, the blinking blue light goes away on its own once the Bluetooth connection is established. For the most part, the Bluetooth connection is completed within five minutes, and you should not turn off the router during this period. However, if the light has been blinking blue for a long time, you should call eero customer support to check for a server outage.

3. Blinking Green

When the nightlight on your eero beacon starts blinking green color, it means that multiple Eero have been detected in the system. While it’s not an error, you can try disconnecting some devices if the internet connection seems slow. In particular, it happens when you have connected multiple eero devices as well, so try to reduce the connections if the light is bothering you.

4. Blinking Yellow

Last but not least, the nightlight blinks yellow when an unapproved USB-C power source is being used. Honestly, it doesn’t impact internet connections, but you can add the USB-C power source into the eero account to make sure it is identified by the device.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, the nightlight on the eero beacon is meant to show the device’s connectivity. Having said that, if the nightlight is not becoming steady, you can contact the eero customer support team.

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