How To Print Multiple Coupons In Incognito Mode?

how to print multiple coupons in incognito mode
how to print multiple coupons in incognito mode

Having a fast internet connection at your home feels like a blessing. This is because people can make calls, text their friends and even watch movies on their network. There are numerous things that the user can do on their internet connection which makes the service that much fun to use. Recently, even banks have started providing people with online banking which makes shopping even easier.

You can directly find a product that you are interested in on the internet. Then proceed to purchase it using the multiple options provided by the site. Additionally, most websites that provide online shopping even have the option to use coupons when buying a product. These provide you with a flat discount on your purchase which can end up saving you a lot of money.

Printing Multiple Coupons

When it comes to these coupons, the websites providing these set up a limit for the number of coupons that can be claimed. The usual limit for these is set to a maximum of 2 to ensure that the user does not claim too many of these. Though, there are some methods that the user can use to get even more coupons from the same website.

These will allow you to get multiple discounts when buying products from the website which can be fun to use. Most people trying using multiple browsers on their system or use different devices instead. While both of these are easy to do, there is one even easier method. This is by running your current browser in incognito mode and then claiming these coupons again and again.

Incognito Mode

People who are confused about how an incognito mode can allow them to claim multiple coupon codes should understand what the feature does. Incognito Mode or also known as private browsing is a feature provided on most browsers that allow you to create a separate tab on your device. This is a completely new session cut off from your current usage.

This means that the browser will no longer store any data from the user on this tab and will not use any of the information that is already stored. So, keeping this in mind, the website that you were using to claim coupon codes was most likely using the cookies stored from you to ensure you do not get more than 2 codes. However, when using incognito mode, the same logic can no longer be applied. Hence the user can keep claiming the coupon codes from the website without having to get any limits on the system.

How to Print Multiple Coupons in Incognito Mode?

Start by going to the options of your browser, alternatively, this is also known as the drop-down menu. Read through the settings provided and find the option for the incognito tab. The name for this can vary on browsers so make sure that you select the right option.

After opening up the new private tab on your device, visit the website from where you want to claim the coupons from. Start claiming these and once the site tells you that the limit for these has been reached.

Refresh the page, and then start claiming them again. You can keep all of the coupon codes stored in your notepad or word document to use them at a later date. If the simple refresh does not work for you, then another option is to close down the incognito tab and then open up a new one.

Some people might even have to use a VPN with incognito mode as well for this process. Though, there are many free programs that you can download on your device that should help you with this.

Problems That You Can Run Into

While the process might sound simple to you. It is important to note that most websites are already aware of people doing this. This is why they have set up extra steps before you can start claiming these coupon codes. These include entering in your mobile phone number when claiming the codes or even logging in through a verified account.

While you can use multiple numbers and emails for this, there is still a limit to how many you can claim. Considering this, one other option is getting an extension for coupons installed on your browser. These will automatically search the internet for any codes that are available for your current purchase and enter them on their own.

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