6 Ways To Fix Linksys RE4000W Not Working

linksys re4000w not working
linksys re4000w not working

The availability of the internet is important for everyone, and there can be nothing more frustrating than slow internet. Similarly, if you are using one wireless connection for a huge place, an internet drop is inevitable. For this reason, you can use the Wi-Fi extenders as they help enhance the internet coverage. However, if Linksys RE4000W not working issue is bugging you, you won’t be able to extend the connection. So, read further to fix the issue!

How To Fix Linksys RE4000W Not Working?

1. Reset

Before you try your luck with other complex troubleshooting methods, why not reset the Wi-Fi extender. The routers usually have the reset button on the back or bottom, but Wi-Fi extenders have a reset button on the top panel. You can press the reset button for around five seconds, and it will reset the extender. However, you can also reset the Wi-Fi extender by logging into the extender on the web-based setup.

2. Range

Let’s be honest, the Wi-Fi extender is designed to capture the internet signals from the router. On the contrary, if the extender is unable to receive signals from the router because the router is placed too far away, the extender won’t function properly. If this is the case, you need to place the Wi-Fi extender closer to the router, and it is likely to resolve the error.

3. Signal Interruptions

The Wi-Fi extender is all about capturing and broadcasting signals. So, if there are signal interruptions, the Wi-Fi extender is very less likely to work properly. With this being said, if you have placed the extender around the metal objects, mirrors, glass, and masonry walls, it will deflect the signals and act as signal inhibitors. So, if there are any such obstructions around the Wi-Fi extender, change the position, and you will be able to resolve the error.


While using the Linksys RE4000W Wi-Fi extender, one needs to be extra careful about the SSID, which is commonly known as the wireless network name. So, if the SSID is disabled or hidden, the setup wizard of the extender will not be able to detect it. For this reason, tap on “My Network Is Hidden” and add the wireless network name along with the password. Once you add these details, the setup wizard will connect to the extender!

5. WPA Mode

When using the Wi-Fi extenders by Linksys, you have to be extremely particular with the WPS mode because it defines the security configuration. It is better that you use the WPA, WPA2 Mixed Mode, WPA Personal, or WPA2 Personal configurations. If there are any other modes set on the extender security, it will not work properly.

6. 30-30-30 Reset

We have already mentioned how you can factory reset the extender, but you can opt for the 30-30-30 reset. In this case, you need to hit the reset button for thirty seconds and take out the power cable from the power source. Then, add the power cable again and press the reset button for another thirty seconds. As a result, the extender will be reset, and the unfunctional issue will be resolved!

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