5 Common Linksys EA9200 Problems & Solutions

linksys ea9200 problems
linksys ea9200 problems

Linksys is great for durability and reliability and all their routers and modems are a pretty good reflection of that. However, you must understand that the first version of everything has some flaws and room for improvement in it. The same is the case for Linksys EA9200 that was their first attempt at the Tri-Band routers and while it was not a complete failure, it got its fair share of problems and there is a long list of these common problems that were faced by the users.

While many of the problems are fixed with version updates and firmware patches, some might still remain, and here are a few of these problems and how you can fix them.

Linksys EA9200 Problems

1) Frequent Reconnecting

This was and still one of the most major issues on the EA9200 and there is not much that you can do about it. The router will keep dropping signals randomly or will reconnect out of nowhere causing you to face severe inconvenience with the connection. To have this fixed, here are a few things that you can try.

2) Restart

The first and most basic troubleshooting step that one can possibly try to have this issue fixed is restarting the router. While it is not a permanent solution and the problem will come back after a while, it is the easiest and quickest solution to it. Restarting your router will help you avoid the reconnecting problem for a day or two and if you are doing something urgently, you can get it done without having any major problems on the network.

3) Update Firmware

The problem is fixed with the latest firmware updates and they have covered it greatly. So, if you haven’t updated the firmware on your router for some reason. It is time for you to have it updated and that is going to help you get rid of the problem for good. You will never have to worry about anything after this and your router will keep working without reconnecting.

4) Signal Interference

While this router was the first tri-band router from Linksys. There were some basic flaws that made it impossible to cover the signal interference and that caused some serious trouble with the network stability and optimization. However, this also is not something without a solution and you can effectively have this fixed as well.

5) Limit to 2.4GHz

Well, the only possible solution to this problem is to disable all the other bands on your router and let it run on 2.4GHz only. We all know that 2.4GHz is the most stable frequency band that is used for wider area coverage optimally. So, once you have limited it to 2.4GHz only, the router will not get these issues with the frequency bands anymore and you will be able to use it without issues.

Be mindful that it might be a setback for those who have upgraded to this tri-band router for the sole reason of trying out new technologies as you will have to refrain from using them. So, it might be better to get some other router instead.

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