3 Ways To Fix Linksys Media Prioritization Not Working

linksys media prioritization not working
linksys media prioritization not working

Linksys is an American based networking company. It provides users with lots of features to ease their daily use of the internet. One of these features is media prioritization. It helps the user in selecting which of the devices connected with their internet connection gets to use how much bandwidth.

Additionally, it also lets the user set up a bandwidth priority list. This makes sure that the device selected with higher priority gets to use the connection without any buffering when they might be getting slow speeds from their ISP. Although, this is a great feature some Linksys users run into the problem of‘ media prioritization not working’. If by chance you are also facing this error, then here are a few ways how you can fix this.

How To Fix Linksys Media Prioritization Not Working?

1. Update Firmware

The current version of firmware running on your router might have become outdated. Older firmware drivers tend to have lots of bugs. This is why companies roll out frequent updates to make sure that the errors are fixed. Using old firmware can cause you to run into a problem that has already been fixed by the company. This may be the reason why the media prioritization is not working on your device.

To fix this, simply visit Linksys’ official website and search for the latest firmware update for the device you are currently using. After installing the firmware on your device, restart your router to make sure all the temporary files get replaced.

2. Set Up Prioritized Device to 5GHz

The device that you have set to high priority on your media prioritization software might be running on 2GHz with the other devices. A simple fix can be to set the device you want higher priority on to the 5GHz channel. This will allow this device to have a faster connection and speed.

In order to do this, open up your software’s settings. Browse your way through the connection settings and locate the channel settings. Select the devices which you want to get higher priority on to the 5GHz channel and leave the rest of the devices on the default 2.5GHz channel. Apply your settings and restart your router for the settings to take place.

3. Check Location of Your Devices

Sometimes the device you have set up the high priority on may be the device that is farthest away from your internet connection. This makes that certain device get the least number of signals which might be resulting in you getting slower speed.

For this, you can try to get the following device connected through a wired connection. This will ensure that you do not run into any issues with the signals. If by any chance this is not feasible for you then you should try to get a Wi-Fi extender. This will allow all your devices to get stronger signals coming from your internet connection. Another simple fix is to simply move your device or connection closer to each other. This will also ensure that the device gets the most out of the signals it is receiving.

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