Linksys EA6350 Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

linksys ea6350 slow
linksys ea6350 slow

For everyone fond of wireless connections, the availability of a promising router is essential since it’s responsible for distributing the wireless signals. With this being said, people tend to use the Linksys routers since they have a good reputation, but Linksys EA6350 slow error is still there. With this article, we are sharing different methods that will resolve this issue!

Linksys EA6350 Slow

1) Wi-Fi Channels

When it comes down to the Linksys routers, keep in mind that the Wi-Fi channels will play an immense role. EA6350 is the dual-band router, and if it’s working slowly, there are chances of saturation on some channels. Usually, 2.4GHz channels tend to struggle with network saturation and external network obstructions. So, it’s better to connect to the 5GHz Wi-Fi channel, and it will help you access high-speed internet with the router.

2) Firmware

Along with the Wi-Fi channels, the dated information on the router is highly likely to impact the functionality and performance of the router. With this being said, you should check for the firmware update on the Linksys router. In case the firmware update is available, download it and install it on your router to ensure it works optimally. Once you install the firmware update on the router, the updated information will ensure that router works with improved speed.

3) Settings

In addition to the firmware updates, you can tweak up the router settings to ensure everything works properly and the router shows a promising outcome. For instance, you can disable IPv6 as well as the media prioritization. If these settings are enabled, disable them, and it will help streamline the fast internet connection.

4) Location

In some cases, the location of your router might be causing performance issues and lacking speed. First of all, if your device is too far away from the router, it’s going to cause network and connectivity issues. Secondly, if the router is placed somewhere too far, there are higher chances of wireless interference.

Along with this, place the router at the central location, and it will direct promising signals to the users. Also, you need to ensure there are no metal objects or electronics around the router. This is important because such external factors can adversely impact the frequencies and hinder the network connection. So, place the router at the right location and away from such electronics and devices.

5) Channels

Sure, you have already chosen the Wi-Fi channel, but you need to check the other channels as well. When it concerns the wireless channels, enter the IP address of the router, and log into the router. From this page, you need to choose the channels from 1, 11, and 6. You can try using different channels to check which works the best.

6) Security

Your Linksys router should be set to correct security settings to ensure it is working optimally. With this router, it’s suggested that you log into the router and open the wireless tab. From the wireless tab, open the wireless security and change the security protocol to WPA2 security. If the WPA2 security protocol isn’t available, you can opt for WPA as well.

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