4 Ways To Fix Linksys Card Not Working

linksys card not working
linksys card not working

People with lots of family members at home or colleagues at their business can find it annoying that they are unable to connect all their devices to the internet. Considering this, routers are used so that multiple devices can establish connections with the internet network. While also ensuring that users do not have to worry about speed and performance drops.

Keeping this in mind, Linksys provides its consumers with one of the best routers included with several other types of networking products. However, some Linksys users have reported the error ‘card not working’, when trying to use their routers. In case you’ve also run into this problem, here are a few fixes that can help.

How To Fix Linksys Card Not Working?

  1. Restart Device

One of the quickest ways you can fix your problem is to give your router a restart. This will ensure that your device deletes any unnecessary files that have been stored up in its memory. It might be the reason why your device is not working and giving you this problem.

So, start by powering off your router from the settings. Alternatively, you can also switch it off from the button present on the back of your device. After this, remove the power cable for about 20 to 30 seconds. This will clear up your router’s RAM. Connect your cable back in to start up your device.

  1. Update Drivers

Another reason for your card to be not working can be that your drivers are outdated. Running older versions of your device’s software can cause them to give errors and even stop working. Although, updating your device to the latest drivers should fix your error.

Start by visiting the Linksys official website. Enter the model of your router here to find the updates. Your model number can be found on the back of your device. After finding and downloading the software. Open up the device manager on your computer or laptop. Locate the networks tab and open up your router’s settings from there.

After this, click on update drivers and then manually browse in the file that you have downloaded. After the update is done, restart your computer to save all your changes.

  1. Change Adapter

Sometimes the power adapter you are using with your device can become faulty or damaged. Due to this, your device might not be receiving the optimal amount of current it needs in order to function properly.

This can easily be taken care of by replacing your current power adapter with a new one. Check the Linksys website to confirm how much watt does your router need. Afterward, purchase a new power cord that is supported by your device.

  1. Change Outlet

The electricity outlet might be causing your device to run into issues. Older outlets tend to become springy when they are used a lot. You can try changing the power outlet to check if whether it fixes your problem or not. Simply disconnect your device from the current outlet and then connect it to a different outlet which you are sure works perfectly.

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