6 Ways To Fix Linksys WRT54G Wired Connection Not Working

linksys wrt54g wired connection not working
linksys wrt54g wired connection not working

In the world of wireless connection, some people are also using wired connections because they offer better signal connectivity. In addition, the wired connection promises reduced signal interference. Similarly, Linksys WRT54G wired connection not working problem is pretty evident. For that reason, we are sharing the fixes that will streamline the wired connection!

Linksys WRT54G Wired Connection Not Working

1. Check The Computer

Before we start investigating the issues with routers, checking the computer is equally important. To begin with, try removing the internet connection from the computer and connect it again after some time. On the contrary, if reconnecting the internet didn’t work, you can also try rebooting the computer since it optimizes the minor software configuration errors and promise better internet connectivity.

2. Reboot

In addition to the computer, the Linksys routers must try unplugging the router (you can even switch off the router). Whichever option you opt for, wait at least ten seconds before switching on the router. Also, once the router restarts, connect to the internet, and it will work optimally.

3. Cables

While using wired connections, internet users need to be extremely vigilant about the cables. This is because these cables will be responsible for transmitting the internet signals from the router to the computer. In this matter, you can use the altimeter because it helps check the continuity of the cables. Likewise, if there are continuity issues, you need to replace the current cables with the twisted-pair ethernet cords. In addition, always buy the cables from a reputed company.

4. Reset

Along with the reboot, you can also try resetting the router. For resetting the Linksys router, the users can press the reset button on the router and keep it pressed for at least ten to twenty seconds. Once the router is reset, you can simply switch it on, reconfigure the settings, and you will be able to use the wired connection.

5. Manual

Every router comes with a manual, and it has everything one needs to fix internet-related issues. For the same reason, it’s better that you consult the router and see if there are some ideas there. On the contrary, even if there are no troubleshooting methods, you can access the customer support contact number. The users can call on the customer support number and have them look at your issue.

6. DNS

The internal internet settings matter a great deal while using Linksys routers. For this purpose, it’s advised that you check the DNS as well as the IP address default gateway that your device is getting from the router. The experts suggest that you reconfigure the settings for better internet connectivity. Also, you can even try pinging the router and the website that you are trying to access.

While we are talking about the default gateway and IP address, Linksys routers should have and 00-16-44-CC-73-56, respectably. Also, the IPv4 address should be set to In case the values are any different than this, the users have to reconfigure the settings. Lastly, conducting the factory reset will bring back the settings to default!

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