Only Google And YouTube Work On The Internet- What Are The Ways To Troubleshoot This?

Only Google And Youtube Work
Only Google And YouTube Work

Sometimes experiencing such a problem is frequent and persistent when every other website does not work on internet connection except Google and YouTube.

It is commonly observed that the Google search engine works fine just like the Google affiliated website like YouTube, but after clicking upon the other links searched over the Google, the results are not being displayed resulting in the popping up of some network errors having a message attached that “the site can not be reached.”

This specific, occurring issue must have happened disturbing you in the middle of your relevant work or project over the internet.

Even after getting rid of the browsing history/cache memory, Google Chrome would not run other websites other than Google itself and its affiliated website YouTube.

There are even the chances of your Google and YouTube working stopped if you consistently keep on removing the cache memory or the browsing history, which clearly depicts that the permanent solution is something else.

Most of the people face this issue over their PCs and laptops not on their Smartphones even with the same Wi-Fi network connection, which I guess is quite weird, right?

A lot of people has reached Google or YouTube using their domain name instead of IP addresses.

Although the browsers won’t even allow the connection to be established even from the home router, which is not supposed to be the concerned case.

Pinging on any website or webpages via the CMS takes place with no issue at all.

People have tried to connect their network directly via the Ethernet cable connection, which can be more durable and fats than the Wi-Fi internet connection.

Still, they are facing the persistent issues of their home desktops not being able to connect correctly to have sufficient access to other websites other than Google and Youtube.

Even the verification of TCP IP 4 and 6 settings and nets features could not help solve the issue.

There is a number of standard and technical practices that many people try out to get this persisting problem out of their way. The most common cause of the issue is the DNS error.

You would need to download the Exe file. You don’t have to process the installation of the Exe file instead you just have to run it.

Upon downloading the Exe file from the chrome, you would just need to open the software file from the download folder called “Ultra Surf”.

By only running the software of Ultra Surf you will get the status of “successfully connected to server” which will ensure you access all the other websites on your PC.

When you close the Ultra Surf bar and get back to your Facebook page, it will be working fine as well as all the other websites that you want to browse. However, if the situation still persists, try out the following troubleshooting procedure.

Ways To Fix My PC, Only YouTube And Google Work:

Your internet connection really needs to be fixed with immediate responses when all you can access is YouTube and Google.

Facebook would not open; every other site would not open while you are watching videos smoothly on YouTube and do searching on Google as well. However, there is a simple fix for solving the issue.

  • Go to the Control Panel, which will appear on your PC or laptop depending upon the version of your Windows, but since it does not matter, you just need to find your way the Control Panel.
  • Go to Network And Internet.
  • Click on the Network Sharing Center. Upon this action, you will see that you have got a connection so right after you click on that it will bring the little pop-up window.
  • Inside pop up Window, click on the Properties, it will then bring up the properties for you. The process will be the same for the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet cable connection. Repeat this process twice if you have a Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Now you need to come down and towards the Internet Protocol version 4 and version 6.
  • Click on the Internet Protocol version 4, and the properties will appear where they will direct you to obtain a DNS Server address automatically, you need to change that DNS server address and input this and address for IPV4. It is recommended to directly copy that from here and past it in your Settings. Click “OK”.
  • Now, click on the Internet Protocol version 6, you will be repeating the same procedure here. Click on the properties, and it will ask you to obtain a DNS server address automatically. To change the settings, you need to replace the DNS server address to 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844 for IPV6. Just like before you are recommended to copy-paste the DNS server addresses to your Settings directly. Click on the “OK”.
  • Close all the Settings opened.
  • Make sure that all of your stuff is saved.
  • Restart your computer.

Upon restarting, you will see all the other websites working fine too, along with Google and YouTube.

Final Verdict For Internet Connection Working For Google And YouTube But Not The Other Sites:

It is not supposed to be technically unsophisticated for the internet connection to stop accessing the other websites and web addresses rather than Google and its affiliated website Youtube.

Still, it does not mean that this problem won’t appear. There are many troubleshooting ways out there to help fix the issue and start browsing on the other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well, but it won’t just happen.

Since most of the technicians claim that the leading cause of the issue is your PC’s DNS server address which needs adequate changes to get back on track.

However, with processing the above mentioned two solutions, you can quickly get out of this situation and can browse back on your favorite websites other than Google and Youtube.

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